Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bright things on Thursday

I love roses, don't you? I picked these from the garden yesterday and they look so nice on the table in the family room.

It would be nice to know the variety, but I'm no green thumb and they were in the garden when we purchased the house. It has the feeling of an old fashioned rose, but I could be just guessing. We have five standard roses down the side of our drive, and that's it, so I'm definitely no expert.

And for the fabric portion of today's viewing - this is a kit I'm just dying to get my fingers into.

Cameron spotted this quilt in a Fons and Porter magazine while I was browsing thru one day, and because he loves the book, begged me to make the quilt up for him.

How could a Mum say no? I had loved the book as a child also, and the fabric is just like the pictures in the book. The kit was ordered quick smart, and it travelled home from the US with us.

How fun! :-)


nannergirl said...

Oh wow! My daughter is OBSESSED with the Hungry little caterpillar and all things Eric Carle. I'm going to look this up, she'd just love it. Thanks for sharing :)

Candace said...

I don't have a green thumb, and don't know about flowers, but I sure do think that your roses are beautiful.

Julia said...

Your roses are beautiful! I can almost smell them. lol

My son loves this book too! I wonder can you still get the kit? I will have to do some checking.

Roseanne said...

Your roses are very beautiful.I love roses to. I have quit a few in my garden.

Clare said...

I love the new look. You are seriously tempting me back to Blogger. Is it from the site that Mary found?

I love the Hungry Caterpillar and it's great that the fabrics are the same as in the book. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Needle and Thread said...

You always have beautiful rose photo's! Have fun starting to work on that new kit.

mereth said...

The rose looks like one called Double Delight and it's certainly beautiful. You should enjoy that kit, it's amazing how long that book has been popular, and now it's quilting fabric!
Glad to have you back in Aussie land, we missed your posts.

Ruth's Place said...

We have nearly all of the Eric Carle books, so I'm very envious of your kit!!

Roses are gorgeous!

Cher said...

I bought this kit too and plan to stitch it up for one of many Christmas prezzies for my granddaughter...who could resist it??

Nanci said...

I am looking at that kit also, I have 3 nephews to make quilts for and it is hard picking boys stuff for me. This one is happy!


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