Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So much to say, but where to begin?

I have so much to share about our vacation (and so much yet to unpack) but due to my alarming degree of technical incompetence, I'll be sharing some pictures I found in my cell phone just now, and a couple of Marty's.

Amy and I both purchased new cameras while we were away - and of course I have yet to figure out how to get said camera and laptop to communicate with each other. Monday I had fun and games, and I don't think I can go thru it again right now. I'll chat to the IT department (husband) later :-)

This is the very start of our journey - getting ready to board the plane. Cameron's excitement was palpable - he'd never been on a plane before. After the huge amount of travelling he's now done, I'm wondering if he'll want to get on one again?!?

This dark picture was taken at the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The kids were just captivated by the surrounding animals, and loved it when they sprang to life.

We loved the MGM, and couldn't believe the size of it - like a whole city within the hotel. Here are the kids in the foyer. Amy gasped when we first walked in - she thought it looked like a palace.

Jump forward a number of days, and we're at Linda's home. I just had to steal this picture of Linda's kitty sleeping on her bed (note the gorgeous quilt!) - Kitty was sleeping with her leg in the air, so funny :-) Of course my picture does her no justice, but that's the way I roll :-)

And last of all, a picture I sent to my dear friend Kath. The night before we left was spent at a teppanyaki restaurant which was really super fun. My pre dinner drink of course was a Cosmopolitan ... my how I love them!

I have to dash now - time to head for the quilt store. Promise I'll check back in really soon! x o x


Maria said...

I´m happy you are back, and I´m willing to see your pictures and to know what you´ve been doing.

Clare said...

Welcome back - we've missed you. Can't wait to see your (fabric) purchases and when Alex gets back tonight I'll show her the photo of Amy.



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