Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tap, tap, tap ...

Is this thing on?? I know I've been such a slacker not checking in and posting ... and my dear sweet friend Faye gave me a gentle nudge last Saturday when I bumped into her at the Guild's Country Forum day. Now that I know you're checking in Faye, I'll be sure to post a little more often :-) ... Hahaha, famous last words!!

Just a quick happy snap today, some things you've seen, and one or two that you haven't:

In the baggie there at the back, is a charity project that I quilted for the guild, I worked hard to get it ready on time, but silly me I forgot to take it to the meeting. Never mind, I'll be able to drop it off to the next one and soon someone will be able to enjoy it.

One of the runners has been quilted and bound - that's it on the left there, and I've quilted the spiderweb mats that you've already seen (but yet to bind them) and I've made a while lot more. I really love working thru my stash in this way - but I always seem to replenish it - I picked up the cutest fabric last week at Hetties - I'll share that one next time.

And I shared a little while back that I was starting soon with the Ladies Doubles team on Wednesday mornings - well this was my first week with them. They're all just delightful, and I had a great time - I played three sets - one with each of the three ladies on my team. We won the first two sets 6-3 and 6-0, and the third we lost in a tiebreaker. Still a great result, and I learned later that my team won the day and it was their first win for the season. I'm entirely thrilled!! I cannot wait for next week.

Well, that's it for today - I promise to be back much sooner next time!!


Tired Teacher said...

Life has a way of getting in the way of blogging, huh? Glad all is well.

Faye Packham said...

Lovely to see and hear all you news Tara.
Keep up the good work as I will be checking! Lol!
Have a great day. x

Missy Shay said...

Sometimes we just get busy! I love your block!


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