Monday, March 09, 2015

And some spiderwebs ...

Today I've been working on some spiderweb placemats. I've made so many of these -  I seriously think it could be more than 100! I may be able to make them in my sleep, but I do love working on them :-)

That cute floral print is left over from the backing of the strippy quilt - it's so pretty, I really like it.

One of the things I always like to do when making up spiderweb mats, is to use up all my little random pieces of batting.

We all have these strips trimmed from the edges of our quilts - I keep them for use in small projects - you wouldn't believe how much I actually get used up. For small items, I use basting spray on the backing - abut the pieces of batting (don't overlap the edges) trim to size if necessary, and finally spray baste once again and lay the top piece on to the batting. Super easy, and feels like you've got a free batt!

Once I got busy quilting, I had a little visitor:

I had to lay an old quilt down for her as she was determined to lay by the machine. Definitely didn't want Gracie on the runners I'll be quilting on soon. She's like camouflage kitty - very hard to get a good picture of this kitty.

Well, it's back to the machine for me - chatter soon!

Ohh, whoops, I almost forgot to mention - Judy really liked the little mat that I gave to her on Saturday. And for our last outing for the summer season, my tennis team won the day, Judy and I won our doubles 6-2 6-2, and I won my singles 9-6. A wonderful result! I cannot wait for next summer :-)

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Tired Teacher said...

I love your mats, and obviously your "inspector" does, too.

I'm trying a new email for my comments. I hope it will stop the bouncing. Nancy - Wyoming Breezes


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