Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stitching Day

Today I had the most lovely day stitching with my lovely Guild buddy Roz at her home. My new friend Yvonne was there also, and Camo came for the day to hang out with Roz's little people - they had a great day too!

Whenever we spend time together, we always laugh, chatter, snack and generally have a really fun time, and the day just disappears way too fast. I did get some sewing (and unsewing) done that's been nagging me for a little while:

The Montmellick mystery has been calling to me, and I just haven't been interested in working on it. I finally acknowledged what has been in the back of my mind. I really just didn't like the border I'd chosen for this quilt. It's not that I didn't like the fabric - I love it, but I didn't feel it was perfect for this project - and I needed to do something about it.

But first, I sewed a few more of the little stars to put in place on the second last border. I got the four done in the picture above, so there are only eight left to go now. And after I was done with the fun stuff, I got busy unpicking and removed the outer border. I need to do more investigating to see what I'd like to use instead.

Maybe it'll be this lovely print I picked up at Hetties last week? I haven't put the top and the fabric together yet to see if they play nicely, but it's a contender :-)

The border print that I removed won't go to waste - I know it'll make lovely table runners, and it won't take long to whip them up as it's already cut into strips.

Last of all, Amy and I went to Ikea on Friday night (surprising I know!). Amy needed some bits and pieces for her room, and I wanted to pick something up that I've coveted for a while:

I pinned this trolley on Pinterest a while ago thinking it'd be great to put my hand stitching in. I thought I could have it by me while I'm in the lounge or the family room, and when I'm done wheel it back into the sewing room and everything stays tidy. I didn't buy it straight away as I didn't want it to be just a whim and turn into clutter - but after passing over it a couple of times while I was in Ikea and many months down the track, I still wanted it, so I gave in and bought it. And I'm super happy that I did! Now I just need to get busy filling it with my favourite bits and pieces.

Tomorrow we have a dinner to go to, and I'm planning to bring a pavolva for dessert - I thought I'd get started tonight, but it's getting late, so that'll be a job for tomorrow. Instead I'll spend a little time at the sewing machine.

Well, that's it from me - chatter soon! xox


Tired Teacher said...

The nearest IKEA is over 300 miles away, so I've only been there once. It's overwhelming to see all the merchandise and possibilities.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

No Ikea in our neck of the woods; but I have been to one before. They do have so much to choose from. I really like the bin you have to put your stitching in. I think it will work out perfect. I think your quilt looks beautiful. You do wonderful applique. Those stars are so pretty. And I am sure the border will be just as nice.

AnnieO said...

Such pretty fabric problems! :). Love what you've done so far. Unsewing with distractions of friends sounds great.
The little trolley looks ultra useful. The IKEA store nearest us is about 45 minutes' drive but I have never been. I hear it's a nightmare on weekends!

Diane said...

I've been very tempted to get one of these as well. I would love to see how you get it loaded up and what you think once you've had a chance to use it. It sure is cute!

Carmen y Prady said...

Es un trabajo precioso, me encantan los colores y esas telas.
El carrito es perfecto para las telas, me has dado una idea estupenda.
Un beso

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I've been eyeing that cart at Ikea for ages too. I saw one almost identical yesterday at Sam's Club for much less and the same color. Now I am regretting showing so much restraint in not buying it--ack!!

Lizzy said...

One of my friends has this trolley from IKEA and I have been keeping it in my mind for next time I visit (hopefully soon), since you got one too. They might run out now :-P

Missy Shay said...

I love that trolley, I do the same thing with stuff like, wait before I buy it to make sure I really want it.

Heather said...

Love that trolley. I need to head to IKEA later this week for some shelves for my new sewing studio. I will be looking for this trolley!


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