Sunday, May 20, 2012

This week's FWS blocks

Here are my five Farmers Wife blocks. All simply pieced, no foundations or freezer paper. It's nice to do a little easy piecing from time to time.

Block 64 - Peace & Plenty

Block 70 - Prairie Queen

Block 72 - Railroad

Block 89 - Steps to the Altar

Block 98 - Waterwheel

Block Total: 71

I'm so glad I managed to get all five blocks for this week done - I wasn't sure I could do it. This afternoon I need to get to the grocery store, and once my chores are done, there still may be some stitching time left this evening. If that happens, I'll work on some more rail fence blocks. I'm so pleased with how much I've achieved this week!


Kristie said...

Your blocks look great! You are almost finished with them! I just love your fabric choices in this quilt. I think I only have 10 of these blocks finished.

I plan on working on my FWS along with the other quilt that I started. It's called Civil War Anniversary Blocks, 150 blocks, by Rosemary Youngs. She is also the author of the Civil War Love Letter quilt. Anyway, these blocks are the same size as the FWS. I love them both.

OzRose said...

Busy girl! Look lovely as always x

Pam said...

Your blocks looks great! I love your choice of fabrics. I am working on the Farmers Wife blocks as well - except they are not the Farmers Wife blocks - it is the Sow Along Barrister's blocks. I have decided to use up all my various bits of Barbara Brachman William Morris fabric as well as make another set in 30's fabric. One day I need to get back to my blog - and post some pictures!

Sarah said...

You have been *very* productive this week - kudos to you! I especially that that waterwheel block and I'm saving it for future inspiration.


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