Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oops - I shopped again!

I'm a few days late, and more than a few dollars short with this post - but better late than never, right? I had the best time shopping at Hettie's Patch on Friday, they have so many of my favourite kinds of fabric there, it was hard to know where to begin and end!

I'll just launch right in with my purchases ... A jelly roll and two charm packs of the French General 'Panier De Fleurs' range - it's just beautiful, and I'll be there with bells on when the yardage arrives in September. The jelly roll is destined for use with the Short Line pattern I purchased a little while back - can't wait for that :-)

Also in the picture - other assorted French General yardage, and the most adorable conversational by Judie Rothermel that I hadn't seen around before. A spool of YLI hand quilting thread (I'd hate to run out mid NI quilt) some trapunto yarn that was on sale - great for one of my wholecloths. And last but not least, the cutest little mug - love those little Babushka dolls on it!

Doesn't seem like that much when I lay it all out and write about it, but my bag was heavy!

In other news - I'm still keeping up with my one block a day quilting on my NI quilt - and I'm just loving how it's looking so far. I have to confess, I'm still not interested in working on anything else - I'm inspired! Chatter soon :-)


quiltjude said...

Love your finds, well done :) I love the babushka mug

Impera Magna said...

Nothing like coming home with a fabric laden bag, taking all the wonderful finds out of the bag and stroking them... what a high! Glad you had such a fun day!

AnnieO said...

No happier place for a quilter than a good quilt shop! Looks like lots of good loot. The mug is cute.

Glad you are inspired! That is wonderful to be dedicated to finishing something you've loved nearly every insane minute of :)

Janet O. said...

Beautiful fabrics, but what really caught my eye was the mug! I have a collection of matreshka (or babushka) dolls, so I love all things matreshka!!

*karendianne. said...

You have to confess, You're still not interested in working on anything else - You're inspired? Do you know how happy that is to read. I mean, from one quilter to another, knowing this feeling isn't there with everything but when it's there - oh Tazzie - it's such a great feeling and I think I'd probably be safe speaking for everything - YIPPIE!!!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Yummy stuff!!! Enjoy :o)
Your quilt are turning into a gorgous piece of work! LOVE it!
Hope you'll have a great weekend,


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