Friday, May 27, 2011

Masons Lamp

Hi there friends - I need you to put your detectives hats on today. This is my own personal 'Can you help' moment. :-)

For the longest time (probably 15-20 years) I've had this lovely Masons Lamp, and I don't think I've ever known what the pattern is called, so I was wondering if my dear sweet blog readers might have any clues. I thought for a little while that it may have been 'Blue Mandalay', but after googling that pattern, I've found the lamp to be different. Ideas anyone? I'd love it if someone could help me figure out what it is!


Lizzy said...

No clue from me but you might be able to get help if you email the pic to The Collectors (ABC) website. They seem to know all things like that. Just sayin'!

Clare said...

Sorry Hon. Can't help.


AnnieO said...

It is very very pretty, whatever the pattern!

Clare said...

Did you find out? I did look but all I could find was the Mandalay pattern which that definitely is not.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever find out what this pattern was called? I've had a search on Google and found this - scroll down to see the tea caddy - they are calling it floral brocade.


Anonymous said...

and some more:



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