Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesterday was a day for picking up school books and catching up on some shopping chores. It's Australia Day on Tuesday, and to help celebrate, there have been some activities at the village shopping centre - one of these is a visit from the Remabi Wildlife Park.

Amy has held snakes before, most notably a huge one on stage at Knotts Berry Farm, so she was pumped to have the snake placed in her hands. Cameron took a little convincing, but decided he'd have a try. He still looks a little nervous doesn't he? I have to confess, I would be nervous too ... and I didn't even try to touch it!


sewprimitive karen said...

Yish! Brave children!

Clare said...

Eeeek(shudder)! I hate snakes!


paulette said...

There is no way in H*** I would do that!! In fact I couldn't/wouldn't stay on the same street with that thing!! YIKES!! Hate snakes!

SC Sally said...

Camo, what were you thinking? That snake is colorful enough, but would be seen by me from a faaaaaar distance! They give me the "willies".

Barbara said...

You should have held it yourself! When my youngest daughter had a zoo birthday party years ago, she was allowed to choose two exhibits to help with. She chose penguins and was allowed to feed them and she chose snakes - she held about six snakes and we all had a turn. Although I was wary, they were surprisingly warm and dry, not at all like I expected. I've been fond of snakes ever since (mind you, living in Germany, I'm not likely to come across a poisonous one such as exist in Australia, I think). This is a lovely photo, by the way.


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