Wednesday, January 27, 2010

K11 - Columbine

My new project - the Nearly Insane Quilt - has revived my interest in working on small blocks, and so I thought it might be fun to work on a block from my 30's Dear Jane again.

This one is K11 - Columbine, and it's really rather cute. I used my favourite freezer paper piecing technique once again. And to prove my love of freezer paper - you can see shadows in the background where I've pressed the block to a waste piece of paper to keep the block flatter while I took the picture.

And in de-cluttering news - I randomly selected an old Flylady email and just went with it. The task was to go to your sock drawer and clear out any old and mismatched socks/hosiery. It was easy to do mine, so I did Cameron's too. His drawer contained socks and bootees from when he was born, so that took a little time. It feels great to get these things done. Little by little, this house WILL be organised!


Anonymous said...

I love Flylady. I have been a Flybaby for 7 yrs. People can't believe how uncluttered my home is. Once you get in the groove cleaning and decluttering becomes so natural. The best part is when you figure out you can live clutter free!! I invite people into my home now and really enjoy people just dropping by to visit. None of this would have happened without Flylady.

Barbara said...

Oh, this is a gorgeous block! One day in the far distant future, should I live that long, when the Nearly Insane is finished, DJ is next, and then Quilted Diamonds (don't you find that for every quilt you tick off your 'to do' list, ten more go on?) Would love to see more of your DJ blocks.
Barbara xx

Clare said...

I love DJ quilts, but I can't see me ever doing one. Just haven't got the patience.

I suppose I should now go and sort out Alex's sock draw!


scrapsalot said...

I've been Flying too! I'm getting a house built this year and I absolutely refuse to take the clutter with me. Keep flying Tazzie! Lovin' your quilts - especially the scrappy ones.

onlymehere said...

Love the block! It sure feels good to get a task like cleaning a sock drawer done doesn't it? My goal for the day is to get the border of wall paper stripped in my future sewing room! It won't take all that long as the room is small but I know it will feel good to get it done!

Rhonda said...

What a great looking of these days, far from now....I'll get around to doing a DearJane's on my to-do list.

*karendianne. said...

Love this block and the fabric is perfect. I should be more engaged with the Fly Lady, ha?

Minka's Studio said...
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Minka's Studio said...

You've taught me something new. I can't tell you how annoying it is to sew a block and get the seams correct and then the photo comes out wonky. I'm going to try your freezer paper idea and see if that helps. Thank you!


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