Sunday, September 07, 2008

Applique Runner

Along with all the quilting I've been doing, here is the project that has been consuming so much of my time.

I guess I'm around two thirds done with the applique, and then I'll add the border on and begin quilting. It's my plan to also embellish with beads for a little fun. That may depend on how much stamina I have when the end draws near.

This will be for a beginners applique workshop for next year. I'll reveal more about that later.

As I'm typing, I'm watching a DVD of the Stepford Wives (over and over *lol*).

I love to watch the movie on the weekend, as it always manages to inspire me to get busy cleaning the house ... the movie is just too funny, and I love the interiors. This morning I've already done the lounge, dining, family room and kitchen. I may even tackle Camo's room a little later. If you know my little man, you know what a brave undertaking this is *lol*. He's a bandit for Lego, and always manages to spread it right through his room, and I always find it in other rooms too.

Ohhh, and Happy Fathers Day to my dear sweet Dad. He's in Europe right now, so he won't be reading this, but regardless - Love you lots Dad, have the very best day. x o x


Teresa said...

The applique is beautiful. Is this a pattern we can purchase?

Clare said...

One of my all time favourites is the original Stepford Wives. I didn't think the remake was as good.

Lovely appliqué.

MARCIE said...

My favorite thing about that movie was Bette Middler's kitchen! I want it!

desertskyquilts said...

Neat to see how the applique piece is developing. I like the colors.

Your cabinet kitty is so cute!


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