Thursday, July 12, 2007

My nest

Hey everyone. My laptop is back on the air, so I can now resume normal internet browsing/posting/time wasting :-)

I thought you'd like to see where my backside has been parked in every spare moment for the past few weeks. If all goes to plan, I'll quilt into the wee small hours (again) and will have the quilting finished tomorrow!! Which will be wonderful, because then tomorrow during the day I'll be able to apply the binding and then work on the directions. I'm a little edgy right now, as this is the closest I've ever been to a deadline without actually having the project finished. I can't imagine that I'll never get myself into this situation again, rather, it will give me comfort, and in the future I'll get closer and closer safe in the knowledge that I always manage to get through - somehow or other *lol*

And here is a picture of what the big boys and the kids are up to right now. In case I haven't brought you up to speed, Marty, two of his mates and the kids are camping right now up at Yalpara Station. They're sure to be having a total blast. They left Wednesday morning at 9am and are expected home on Saturday afternoon/evening. Thanks to amazing technology and cell phones, Marty was able to email me 5 pictures via his laptop and cell phone. Amazing!

This trip away means uninterrupted quilting time for me, and play-dates with my girlfriends. Tonight Petrina is coming over for a movie-fest and take out Indian food. I can quilt away while we chatter and catch up with Mr Darcy :-) Tomorrow I'm going to Karen's house in the evening for much the same, and on Saturday morning Natalie and I are catching a movie at the Plaza and we'll have lunch somewhere nice.

It's a rough life, but someone has to live it!! :-)


Rose Johnston said...

You have done so much hand quilting in a very short time....u should be proud of urself!!! Have a great time with the girls, im free this weekend if u need a "tagger on" lol
take care

Melanie said...

Enjoy your time... I always love photos of your home.

McIrish Annie said...

I am super jealous of your free time!! Enjoy it!

atet said...

Oh my, you have no idea the pangs of jealousy I am feeling over a couple of days of uninterrupted quilting time -- someday.

Ms. Jan said...

No matter how much we love our husbands and children, it is so nice to have a little time without them and in the company of our girlfriends. ENJOY!

Susan said...

That's a lot of quilting! You're almost there.

Looks like the campers are having a great time. Isn't technology amazing? Glad yours is working again, BTW.

The play dates sound like fun! Enjoy the movies and finishing the quilt!


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