Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I heart Ikea!

I thought I might, and I did - I visited Ikea for the first time ever. It wasn't that long ago that I would see ads in magazines and wish that we had an Ikea in our city. We finally did get one around two years ago, and as much as I really wanted to go visit, I never did manage to get there.

Well, now I know what I was missing out on! Mum, Amy and I went today, but I think I need to re-visit with Marty. There was sooooo much I could have laid down cold hard cash for, but I practiced some restraint, and you can see my purchases in the picture. Cute kid stuff, and some useful stuff too. And may I say 'Daim', their chocolate is good!

And if you're wondering about things on the quilty front - I did manage to get the directions done when I said I would. Yesterday I finished up all the other bits and pieces, and this morning I put the quilt into the mail. Yay! The freedom of not having something I MUST work on RIGHT NOW! When I got home, just thought I'd check the ole' email, and OMG, there was a commissioning letter for a quilt I haven't even started yet, with a due date in around 28 days time! Whew ... I thought about it for a little, and called the editor. I had to politely decline on this one. She's going to check out her schedule and work it into a later issue for me. I just won't be able to get this particular quilt done that fast. Shame, it would have been nice to have a project in the yearbook. But there will be other issues - and I don't want to do half a job just to get it done in time.

Last night after the kids had gone to bed, I watched a DVD I purchased recently - Miss Potter. What a lovely movie. I wasn't prepared for how sad some of it was, but I enjoyed it just the same. I grafted the toe of the sock I started the other day. It's made from some vintage yarn I got on ebay. I think it must be from the 60's or earlier - as the ball is measured as 1oz. I think we went metric in the late 60's (I could be wrong).

And after that sock was done, I decided to try my hand at some two colour socks. I'm still using the same pattern as normal, but trying out a stitch that I learned as a kid. The vertical stripes are slipped stitches with the brown yarn, I really like the texture it creates. I'll only do this pattern until it's time to turn the heel, and then I'll switch back to just using the brown yarn. I think it'd be a headache to continue the pattern while decreasing etc.

A final note - Jodie from Quilting in Paradise has tagged me to share 8 things about myself. I'd like to do it, and I'll just have a think about what to share (I'm super boring) and hopefully I'll do it in my next post. Thank you for choosing me Jodie :-)

That's it from me - TTYL
x o x


YankeeQuilter said...

I liked the Potter movie too. I was sad to see the Tailor's shop in Glouster was closed (used to be a museum) due to what looked like a funding crisis.

Glad to hear the quilt made it to the post!

ruth said...

Glad you met your deadline. The two colour sock looks great.

Mary said...

We did a big shopping trip to Ikea when we moved but I haven't been back. We got lots of shelving and I still have one filing cabinet that I haven't put together!

Susan said...

Looks like you had fun at Ikea - I don't need any more good chocolate. I've padded myself with plenty. =)

Yay, you made your deadline! Good choice not to rush the other one. Looks like you had a full day and evening, too!

Linda said...

I have to brag. I received the prize table runner that Tazzie so generously awarded today. It is awesome and looks so good on my Dining Room table. DH said it sure was a keeper. He who never notices what I make noticed this beauty. LOL! Thanks again so much.

Linda Z.

atet said...

Be aware that Ikea is darned dangerous! Lovely and fun, but dangerous! (says the woman whose dining room table, couch, shelves, oh, and a few dozen other pieces of furniture are from there.

Kairle said...

Glad you were able to make your way to IKEA. I think I'm going back tomorrow for two more FQ boxes.


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