Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Quilter's Tale

Once upon a time a quilter and her good friend went to a Ricky Tims workshop. Both quilters could be considered very traditional, and one in particular had a great deal of difficulty breaking free from long practiced rules and hacking into the fabric sans ruler and measurements. However, a 'chantelle' piece was created, and it was duly stuffed into a box, not to be seen until a couple of years later.

Well, last night, one of those quilters had a dream of the chantelle, and decided it was high time it was finished.

Batting and backing was selected and pieced together, quilt pinned ... Ricky's book was liberated from the book cupboard and his 'flame' quilting stitch selected. Not so long later, the quilt was complete, save from hand stitching the binding.

I know that I have quilting friends out there who will be completely agog. Look at it girls, it's finished - who'd-a-thunk-it??


sewprimitive karen said...

I love how you wrote that like a fairy tale! It's very cute, aren't you glad it's .... done ....!

Patricia said...


Have a happy day! :-)

Clare said...

The colours are fantastic. Although it is Ricky Tims, it reminds me very much of Freddy Moran.

Elsie Montgomery said...

And wasn't that a lot of fun!!

scraphappy said...

What a departure from your normal style. Sometimes it is good to wander outstide our comfort zone, even if we don't stay there. And you even have a little quilt to show for your effots.


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