Saturday, April 04, 2009

Quilt Group

Today I received an invitation in the mail to join Quilt Group. I've joined up of course, I think it's something like Ravelry? I'm not sure that I need more reasons to spend hours and hours on the computer, but I just couldn't resist.

How many more of us have joined up??


Sheila said...

I found the site sign-up page quite by accident a few weeks back. I entered my email, but haven't heard anything yet.

I love Ravelry for two reasons: to see how a yarn is going to perform (before I buy it) and to see different versions of or tweaks to the same pattern, all w/o spending a day traveling the internet. I'll be happy to get 1/2 that from QG.

Elsie Montgomery said...

I joined, but haven't been there very much. As you say, it is far too easy to be on the PC instead of being at the sewing machine (or doing other important stuff). My bookmarks must have hundreds of pages that are sooooo interesting!

julieQ said...

I have not been over yet, will have to pop over and see.

Eileen said...

Hi Tazzie! Long time no see, I know.
I went over to Quilt Group to join and left my email. It came back saying it takes a while to get an invitation. I'll see if I like it then.


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