Monday, January 08, 2018

Summer Holiday Happenings ...

Heavens I always love the Summer holidays. It seems like expanses of time to do whatever we want, and for me that often means I get my fill of stitching time. Of course my project of choice right now is the Phebe quilt, and I've been moving forward - here's where I'm up to:

I got the sawtooth triangles put together for the sides, and also made up the little corner pieces. I did re-engineer the corners a little as I wanted the diamonds to be symmetrical - you know how I'm prone to do things like that.

Next I made up a long 1/4" bias strip and set it in place and I'm currently stitching it down. I've also prepared the little berries to applique and once they're in place I'll work on the leaves. I am just LOVING this project right now!

I haven't been able to spend all my time stitching though, on Friday night we had a BIG dinner party with some friends - it was super fun and a very late night. I genuinely thought I'd be super tired and lethargic on Saturday, but I actually had a whole bunch of energy and got so much done! Aside from the cleanup from the party, it was the day I had to take all the Christmas decorations down.

I'm always surprised by how much can fit on our tree:

Heavens - there are so many there! I always feel like the house looks naked for a little while, but it begins to feel like a clean slate for the new year.

We had another dinner last night with my sweet Amy, her fiance and her future in-laws - I don't know if I shared that she's become engaged recently. It's all so exciting, and there are wonderful celebrations to plan once dates are set. It was a great night, and the newest members of our extended family are just lovely - we are truly blessed.

In other news - this year I've set myself a few goals - they relate to general health and fitness, being organised and keeping on top of things at home, and ensuring that I get at least 15 mins of stitching time each day. One of my favourite blogs (Crazy Tourist) talked about this very thing a few days ago, and introduced her readers to an organisational tool that she's using - Asana. Now, I'm a monkey that loves to check things off a list, so this is going to be great for me, and I've begun adding things slowly that I'd like to achieve and do daily and getting a little buzz each time I achieve my goals. Sometimes the goals are really simple things like spending 15 minutes sorting out clothes, or even just deleting old email messages - and others are bigger and will take time to achieve - like moving storage around in the kitchen. Anyway things are getting done!

Well, that's it from me for the moment, I'm going to get some more stitching done for the day, and then check some thing off my new list :-)


Gretchen Weaver said...

Phebe is looking lovely. Isn't it fun to see the quilt come to life?

Kristie said...

Your Phebe quilt is beautiful! I'm anxious to watch the progress on this one.

Karen said...

All those triangles went together well and frame the beautiful applique center with pizazz.

Kyle said...

Phoebe is beautiful. The red triangle border frames it all, so far.

Janet said...

It looks wonderful. That is a lot of ornaments. Can't wait to see the next stage on Phebe. Have a great weekend.


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