Friday, April 08, 2016

Caswell Block E5

This block has taken me a few days longer than I anticipated. Not because it's tricky stitching or anything, I just haven't had so much free time lately. In fact, free time has been very hard to come by for some reason!

But here it is:

Caswell Quilt - Block E5

This block was super fun to work on, I really liked putting the big flowers together, and the leaves were a breeze with their gentle curves.

A decision I have made this week is that I'm going to make 25 of the 30 blocks. I've wrestled with it for a while, and I did some sums - I worked out that with the sashing selection I've made, the number of blocks and the applique border I want to work on, the quilt was going to end up just way too long.

It was a tough realisation, because I really wanted to stitch all 30 - but there is nothing stopping me from making the extra blocks later on, and perhaps a few more for a wall hanging quilt or some such thing.

At class yesterday I threw a whole bunch of the blocks out on the cutting table so the girls and I could have a look at them, and I took a picture to share with you all:

They're not in any particular order, so this isn't how they're ultimately going to be laid out, but isn't it fun to see that they're playing nicely together!

Lastly - at guild night last night, I handed my Montmellick quilt over to our Show Convenor for the first steps on it's journey to France. It's first visit will be at AQC in Melbourne, and then from there it will travel to Pour L'Amour Du Fil in Nantes. I'm more than a little sad that I won't be able to see it hanging at either location, but the timing of school holidays will mean that I'll be hanging with Camo rather than jetsetting. If any of my sweet buddies are going to either show, I'd just love it if you could send me a picture of my quilt in it's surroundings. Thank you so much!! Chatter soon xoxox

Update:  I almost forgot - I had a question from a lovely reader that didn't remember to sign their name and their email is set to no reply. They asked what size betweens I use for stitching. Most of you will already know, but just in case you don't - betweens are hand sewing needles, and are sometimes called quilting needles. My favourites are size 8 Piecemakers needles. No affiliation - just a very satisfied customer. I use each needle for ages until it's no longer shiny or gets blunt, I think they're just fabulous. Hope this helps, and thank you for your question!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

coming along so nicely - and 25 of the 30 blocks is still a big quilt to make, you have done such great work on all of them. This will be one pretty quilt when done. Sorry you can't go to France, hope someone has some pics of the quilt hanging for you!

Laura in IA said...

I find your applique work just breathtaking every time.

Kyle said...

Love the purples in your newest block and what a beautiful sight seeing the rest of the blocks laid out. Bon jour, Montmellick.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh, I think I have a new favorite block! Yummy!

Carmen y Prady said...

Precioso trabajo. Me gusta el colorido y la composiciĆ³n de las flores.
Un beso


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