Monday, April 18, 2016

Almost Caswell F3

I'm getting so close to finishing block F3 of my Caswell project - and though it's my 25th of 30 blocks, it'll be the last one that I make (for now at least). Stitching time has been so very scarce, so rather than just let time drag on, I thought I'd quickly share where I'm up to with this block:

I'm using quite different colours than the original block, and I'm much happier with how the block looks. The blocks on either side are heavy on purple and blue fabrics, so these lovely pink and red flowers should look cute. I do hope to have it finished in the next couple of days, but there is so much going on right now, I just can't be sure!

One of the things that has kept me on my toes was some drama in the kitchen. I smelled gas in there one evening and after Marty investigated, it was discovered that my gas cooktop had developed a leak. It was too old to be repaired easily, so I was able to shop for a fabulous new stainless cooktop. Once it was installed, the old oven looked tired and worn, so we determined it was probably time to replace it too - and happily that took place late last week, and here's the result:

I'm loving the cooktop, and so far I've used the oven twice with good results, but I've yet to do any actual baking, so fingers crossed!

Some exciting news is that my sweet girl Amy and her boyfriend purchased their first home and moved out over Easter. To that end, we've been busy doing a shuffle at home - Amy's room is being re-purposed as an office, and I'll have my sewing room reorganised and all to myself. Both rooms at this time are almost completely empty (soon to be completely empty - and what a big job it has been) I'm in the midst of painting both rooms and next week they are being re-carpeted. It's exhausting work, but I know it will be worth it in the end. And that's why stitching time has been limited - but there is an end to the hard work in sight.

I'm a little behind again on emails, so I'll catch up with them in the next few days, and hopefully check back on here soon too! xoxox


Kyle said...

Your last block is going to be a beauty with all of its many pieces. Even if you haven't been sewing you've are completing s lot of things you should be able to cross off your list.

Applegate Cottage Quilts. said...

Cooking will become a total pleasure with the new appliances. What a beautiful block you've created. I look forward to seeing it completed. Enjoy. Don't rush.


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