Sunday, July 06, 2014


Yesterday while visiting with the NTFW sewing group at Shay's  house, I wanted to work on something super easy. With all the chattering and laughing (and teasing) it's not easy to concentrate on your work, so it's definitely in your best interest to work on something mindless :-)

Do you all remember my Ladies of the Lake table runner?

Well, I want to make something this size to change the look in the dining room periodically. And I want to use my French General leftovers from Mrs Billings ... and I want to hand piece it ... Goodness me, I'm fussy fussy fussy ... want ... want ... want ... Anyways, tumblers to the rescue ...

Before I set off with my family on the cruise earlier this year, I cut out a template and a few tumbler shapes, knowing this project would be in my future. I thought I'd have hours of sewing time, wind in my hair, needle in hand ... but nope. Nothing achieved ... way to much fun was had to waste time stitching .... But the fabric and the idea are still in my mind, so I've brought it out again as a long term project ...

It's really nice and so very relaxing to stitch a few seams by hand, and it's such a long time since I've actually hand pieced. Appliqué yes, but not actual seaming. Anyway, hopefully I'll get more of this cut out and I can have it in the car for stolen moments waiting for small people.

And how fun to see that Karen is working on tumblers too, I love to see what other people are working on in blogland, always so inspirational.

Lastly, while I was doing a little sort in the sewing room yesterday, I found these blocks that I had completely forgotten about.

I think I'll put them together into a little something during the school holidays. There are eleven blocks - I may have to make a few more blocks, or lay them out and see what comes together. How fun to find forgotten projects. I know I must have more than a few of them!

Ohh, and before I dash back to the sewing room, I'd like to say a big HI to the following commenters: Debra, Lorraine, Patricia, Judy and Sassi. Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping me a note. I wasn't able to reply to you directly as your email address wasn't enabled on your comment, but thank you for your kind words :-)

Chatter soon :-)


Sharon E said...

Love your log cabin block. This on my "bucket list" of things to do. You gave me some inspiration - thanks. I really enjoy your blog :-)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

tumblers was something I thought would be so easy and mindless while we travel this summer - keep everything in it's box and not have to worry of getting a design wall set up or something with 30 different pieces in a block to construct - as of course there is no room in the little motorhome for a design wall LOL - tumblers make a beautiful old fashion quilt without a lot of trouble!

Nancy said...

Your Tumblers and Log Cabins look great - such vibrant and rich colors.

Happy Stitching!

Nicole said...

I love the size of that table runner! What a great idea to make another one or two so you can change up the look in the room seasonally or for holidays. I may have to copy your tumbler idea using French General fabrics!

Shay said...

Your tumblers are even more delightful in person. I always love what you're working on - even if I do tease you about it.

julieQ said...

I do remember that runner...and love it!! Have fun with your tumblers too!

Tanya said...

Love your blog, brings a smile to my dial :)
Hopefully I've enabled my email address now, I'm not really blog savvy lol. I absolutely love the omigosh, I was going to order the pattern but the site wanted $23 postage for one pattern, a bit extreme I thought, hopefully it comes out in digital form one day so us on the other side of the world can have easier access. Keep up the great work :)


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