Friday, June 15, 2012

The next three ...

Oh my goodness, are you bored yet with these blocks? I know it can't be that interesting seeing them over and over, but I promise it won't be long and I'll be done with them :-)

But here are my next three anyway:

 Block 46 - Hill & Valley

 Block 52 - Hovering Hawks

Block 53 - Jackknife

Block Total: 89

I'll complete two more on the weekend, and then there will only be 20 left to make. Some of the remaining blocks are tricky ... why do I always do this? *lol*


Mary said...

Must be the same ones I am dreading to do...I have a friend who figured them out in EQ7 for our FW group, but they are Paper-pieced so I'm saving them for will soon be later for me as well.

quiltygal said...

'cos you are soooo good at complicated lol....I'm thinking that plain blocks between are looking pretty good & you then have the area for some nice quilting :)...


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