Saturday, June 30, 2012

FWS - Block 50

It's 1am, and I've just finished my third FWS block for the week. Two more to make on the weekend, and I'll have reached my quota again :-)

Block 50 - Honey's Choice

Block Total: 99

It's a cute block isn't it? I could see an entire quilt made up using this pattern. Perhaps I'll add it to my VERY long list of quilts I'd like to make.

Better get to bed - today will be a big day - it's Amy's formal (prom for my US friends). There is a tight schedule of hair and makeup followed by photos and then the big event. Wish us luck! Chatter soon xox


Impera_Magna said...

Lovely block....

Are you going to post photos of Amy's formal???


Jan said...

Yes, that is a great block. I so often think along the same lines when making random, or sampler, blocks. Really need to edit my to-make list to something more believable!
Hope formal day is lots of fun for your Amy. I have an Amy, too :)

Mary said...

I like that Block too. Almost to the double digits>

Shay said...

Go Amy! Hope you have a fabulous night (and that you manage to survive the preparations Tazz!)

Linda_J said...

99 blocks---you are nearing the end of this project then if you are doing a queen sized quilt! Woohoo!

I am hoping to cut out a few of my first selections soon but in the meantime I will admire YOURS!


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