Thursday, March 04, 2010

Fruity ... again :-)

See those two new blocks there - the lemons and the grapes? Well, I'm ashamed to admit that they're the only quilting endeavours I've undertaken this week (and I made them up today). I still have to do the blanket stitching, and I would have liked to achieved so much more this week, but life has simply gotten entirely in the way.

However, I have four clear days off work now, and Mum is taking Camo to the beach house for the long weekend, so my prospects of spending time in the sewing room are looking very positive indeed!

What would I like to achieve over the next four days? 1. Quilt Robyn P's quilt. 2. Blanket stitch the new fruit blocks. 3. Make up this weeks yahoo group challenge block for my Nearly Insane quilt. 4. Remake block 8 of the NI quilt. 5. Pin the next quilt on my list.

All these things are achievable, I just need to get busy. Let's see how I go :-)


Clare said...

These blocks are gorgeous. Really really yummy.

Hope you manage to get lots achieved this coming weekend.

Isn't it/wasn't it Amy's birthday recently?


*karendianne. said...

Woke this morning thinking of you and your "T" blocks. Don't know why they popped into my head. Happy to know you're getting some time to check things off the list you want to do. Warmly and in the spirit of friendship, *karendianne. who isn't just lurking this morning... hee!

LC said...

Lovely fruit blocks. I know how life gets in the way too. Dance through rather than plod through... then it isn't so discouraging!

Hope you get everything done this week that is necessary!

Brandie said...

The fruit blocks are very cute. Good luck with your list.

Screen Door said...

Love the blocks... Got a special thing for the watermelons.....Great job!

julieQ said...

Very pretty and summery looking, Tazzie!


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