Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fridge Magnets

The family has spoken. They like the clean look of the new fridge without my precious magnets all over it.

So, a compromise was reached. I have moved my magnets on to the side of the fridge, where they're not seen unless you're actually working in the kitchen.

I couldn't just give them up after all - they're precious mementos of my/our travels, and they make me happy.

And I'll confess ... the kitchen does look a lot less cluttered ... but I'll just keep that to myself :-)


loulee said...

My fridge is smothered in magnets too. All very special in their own right, but they serve a purpose too, they hold very special drawings and pictures in place.

Doodlebug Gail said...

I had the same request from my DH and when we moved from USA to Canada I was told (while I was packing up my magnet collection) that they were not going on to another fridge. I also like the uncluttered look ..... I still have ALL my magnets, collected from travels far and wide and my children still like to dig out the container and look at them.

I'm glad you were able to move yours to the side where YOU can see them.

*karendianne. said...

A fantastic collection! Worthy of display, I agree. Well compromised.

LC said...

I had the same problem/argument. Went to IKEA and bought three of their metal poster boards, put them in the back hallway tightly butted up to each other. Then I put up all the photos of family & friends that come with Christmas cards, using the magnets to hold them. Even the clutter-free, clean freaks love the idea. The frig is tidy, and I can look at those pictures until the next batch arrives. I'm not sure if IKEA still has the boards, but they really look good!

Michele said...

I love fridge magnets, too. And I'm not so into the uncluttered look in the kitchen. The more chaos, the more creativity. But don't tell David that - he'll never let me live it down! I never let him get away with that argument. LOL

Anonymous said...

When we moved to a new house, the fridge has stainless steel looking doors and the magnets will NOT stick. First time in my life without refrigerator magnets or photos on it. I really need one of those magnetic memo boards!

sewprimitive karen said...

I like magnets, too, and yes, the fridge does look better without them :-).


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