Friday, February 13, 2009

OMG - I'm DJ'ing!

You know what you haven't seen from me in some time? A Dear Jane block. I'm just loving seeing the DJ's created around Blogland, and thought it was high time I made another block of my own. I'm not thrilled with the accuracy of this block, but in the words of Brenda Papadakis, 'finished is better than perfect'. I like her thinking :-)

This block is L11 - Caitlin's Rose. I've modified it from the line drawing in my book to look more like the block photographed in the book. My copy is a very early one, and it's possible that later print runs may have been corrected.

And here is some fabric I picked up on Thursday morning at Spotlight. After my bargain of the weekend, I decided to venture back and see what I could find.

The piggy fabric in the centre caught my eye at $1.50 per metre, and since I'm hankering to make some 'Little Quilts of Love', I thought it could be used for backs. The purple fabric on the left at $2.50 a metre could also become the back of the 'Purple Stars' quilt, and the green fabric on the left also at $2.50 per metre was a 'justin' fabric. You know, I've said it before - just in case.

Wouldn't have killed me to have run the iron over the fabric in the middle - hope it flattens out a little in the closet.

That's it from me for now ... I'll check back in soon x o x


nannergirl said...

Love the little piggies! And the dear jane block...I don't ever think I'll be able to make them, but I sure do like looking :)

Tissy said...

Good for you!!! I'm hoping to be a Dear Janer soon too!!! Thanks for visiting my page. I try to dtake a peek at what you are doing from time to time. Love the bricks and stepping stones!!!!


Pam said...

Way to go Tazzie!!! Good for you to be back at it :)) Of course my Dear Jane is a lifetime project -LOL

The block looks great. I get my blocks from the CD and there is quite often a revised version if the book version is a little different from the quilt then Brenda has added the more accurate version to the CD.

sewprimitive karen said...

You're making Dear Janes!! It looks great, and the little piggies are adorable.

Anonymous said...

love your blog, love your bargainsand love your work


MARCIE said...

I have no idea what a metre is, but I am guessing you did good! I love your method of pressing--just put it on the bottom of the pile! LOL!

Lori in South Dakota said...

love all your fabric choices, the purple will be wonderful as backing for your purple quilt. And I do love paisleys! and pigs, ROFL--Pigs are just funny!! We must have been on the same "vibe" as I too had dug out my "matchsticks" and were pairing them, and then pairing them again! great mindless sewing to relax with.

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