Saturday, February 28, 2009


Early yesterday morning I had to make an emergency dash to the Bernina Health Spa. The night before I had been quilting away as normal, when my precious baby started making the most awful 'graunching' noise. It was so loud it made me jump!

Otto was wonderful and restored my beloved Bernie to perfect health in mere hours - no stitching time lost at all. The damage? I had not only managed to 'do a bearing' in the motor, but he also found a fault with the stitch length actuator (which I had noticed but forgotten about in the face of the alarming noise).

While there, I had a quick chat to Otto about the new machines that are coming. There WILL be a new 820 in my future ... I just need to figure out how to justify it ... at $7500 *cough*


Clare said...

Cough indeed!

Kathie said...

I want one of those too!!!!!!
let me know how you can justify it!!!!
maybe that would work for me too

Quilt Nut said...

i broke my sewing machine just after Christmas. i had a spare bobbin sitting up top and the thread came down and tangled in my handwheel-that was nasty!

glad you are back up and running!

quiltygal said...

Justify ummm will have to think about that one for could always do what I did ....brought my new machine "forgot" to tell husband & when he noticed (2 yrs later) said oh Ive had that ages!!! :0 by the time I finished he "remembered" me telling him Id brought it...hehehehe....mind you it didnt make me cough that much....more of a tickle in the throat.....

sewprimitive karen said...

Wow, enjoy it, Tazzie, and show us pictures once it materializes :-).

Anonymous said...

Your deserve it Tazzie! Just look at all the quilting you's a business expense! Look forward to seeing all the great quilting you produce with it.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh dear! That is an ouchie! Glad I like to use all my old girls.

Anonymous said...

7,500.00 AUD = 4,790.65 USD
Australia Dollars United States Dollars
1 AUD = 0.638753 USD 1 USD = 1.56555 AUD
I think they have that 820 for sale in california for $1200 usa dollars

Anonymous said...

I mean $12,000 Twelve Thousand
US dollars.

Anonymous said...

hird times the carm so the other way around 12,000 us to Aust would be:

12,000.00 USD = 18,792.59 AUD
United States Dollars Australia Dollars
1 USD = 1.56605 AUD 1 AUD = 0.638550 USD

Kristie said...

I certainly hope you get the new machine but in the meantime I'm glad he fixed yours! :) We quilters can NOT have any down time!

YankeeQuilter said...

Isn't it great to have someone you can count on to take care of your machine! I usually get mine back overnight...feel a bit spoiled to tell the truth!

At prices like that you would think the machine sews by itself...heck it should sew by itself, cut the fabric and make coffee....

Anonymous said...

yes I am coughing to at that prize


in Germany/otherwise Brisbane Australia


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