Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More DJ's

I had such a good time making the latest DJ block on Friday, that on Saturday I decided to devote some time to DJ blocks, and not do any quilt related 'work'. The four you see in the picture are the result.

I've put my book away, so I can't remember where they fit into the quilt, but I'm just loving them. One was hand appliqued, one pieced using freezer paper templates, and the other two simply rotary cut and pieced.

My completed block tally is now 73, so I'm not yet half way, but I'm definitely getting there. However, in the last twelve months I think I've only made six blocks, so if I want to finish the quilt any time in this (or the next) decade, I'm going to have to ramp up the production a little.

I have a lot of quilting to do right now, so posts may be a little scarce, but I'll check back in when I can. x o x


Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

So fun to see you're hocked on the DJ :-) I am taking a class the 29th February, and then we are going to learn how to hand quilt these. I took a class on DJ last year, and look so forward to this new one. I am not into hand quilting, but I really love it! So I guess I'll have some blocks to finish these days for a wall quilt to take with me:-)
Happy sewing Tazzie

Michele said...

Nice work on the Dear Jane blocks! You're a brave quilter than I. I have yet to commit myself to a DJ.

Glad you're feeling motivated again!

Hugs, M

sewprimitive karen said...

Those look great, Tazzie, aren't you glad you got started on them again?

Maria said...

A group of blog quilters are making the DJ blocks with the help of http://eltallerdegeorgina.blogspot.com/ she is the one who tells us how to do the blocks, we´ve made 20up to now. I love DJ.
Your blocks are wonderful

Katie said...

Oh my! I'm so impressed. I haven't even started! And I have no excuse! :-)

Clare said...

I've always said to myself that one day I'll make a DJ after seeing Cathi's, but somehow I don't think I will. So madly in awe of anyone who does.

Your turn to start a Wordtwist if you've finished the last one.


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