Saturday, November 04, 2006

Scary stuff & Fun stuff

Late yesterday afternoon I was feeling soooo tired. I checked on the kids, and they were playing happily, so I thought, a little kip would be just the ticket! Half an hour later I wandered out of our bedroom, and thought the house was very quiet.

Hubby had gotten home in the meantime, and was in the backyard with the camera. Apparently while I slept, a helicopter started buzzing around our neighbourhood and the kids wanted to check it out. Amy, hoisted Cam (who is 4) onto the roof! *horror* Well, then he didn't want to come down! Marty had to coax him to the edge and get him down. We of course had to tell the kids that it's not a good thing for them to be up there, and I learned never to sleep while the kids are not!

This morning was fun, we went to the Adelaide Christmas Pageant. It's an annual tradition and just super fun. We live in a city of around one million people, and on the morning of the pageant, around 350,000 people line the parade route.

Cameron has never been to the pageant before, and he loved it! I've only included a small selection of pictures, I took a lot of them, as the pageant is about an hour and a quarter long! Nipper is the first picture. Nipper and Nimble are a pair of rocking horses, and each year a little girl is selected to ride on the horse.

This is another of the floats, I thought it was cute I should have paid more attention, but I think it's Toyland. On the top there is Humphrey Bear, he's an Aussie institution, and has been around since I was a kid. I haven't really been paying attention, but I'm not sure if he's on TV anymore.

This is the Bandstand float. It has a jazz band swinging away on there. The reason I included this float is because when I was seventeen, I was on this float! It was red and gold at that time, and we had to wear these cute glittery red and gold outfits (with pleated miniskirts!). I was a dancing girl at the back of the float way up high. It was really fun and really scary all at once! As a child I had always wanted to be in the pageant, and when I left school I worked in the office at the department store that sponsored the pageant, so I was so happy to be included. Every time I see this float it brings back memories!

This last picture I included for my friend Linda. I remember Linda showing me a place near her beach house where Monarch Butterflies are at a certain time of the year, and this float always reminds me of those butterflies.

This has been a huge post, so I better sign off. Our friend who is installing some more kitchen cabinets will be here any minute. I'll show you the result tomorrow!


Linda C said...

Lovely picture of the Christmas pageant. And congrats on your ribbon. Seeing the number and ribbon just makes it all the more apparent just how tiny those flower motifs are!

ForestJane said...

Gawd, I've had a heart attack. My mom has pictures of me being 20 feet up in a tree when I was three, so I guess there's hope of him surviving childhood yet!

I also broke my collarbone when I was three, trying to climb on the swingset like my big brothers were. Mom says that didn't slow me down either... lol

Mary Johnson said...

I don't know how old Amy is but I'm assuming she's older. Reminds me of when my boys were growing up and somehow the younger one always ended up doing the dangerous stuff egged on by his older brother.

Hedgehog said...

Fun to see the pictures of the parade! Glad Cam got safetly down off the roof!

Fiona said...

Oh my word, (bit of Aussie there)aren't kids just the limit! At least he didn't try to jump off the roof. Fabulous pictures of the parade.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics of the parade...You live in a city of 1million have 250 fulltime people and 1500 seasonal....I cant imagine....Have a great weekend..thanks for sharing..Toni

Susan said...

It looks like a really terrific parade. I love floats like that. I'll bet the kids loved it.

Quilts And Pieces said...

As kids we used to climb up on the roof and then jump off - thinking nothing of it. As a mom I shudder to think that we did that to our mom!

The float pictures are so wonderful! That looks like a spectacular parade! What fun!


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