Saturday, May 02, 2020

Blocks finished! Squeeee!!

This evening I stitched the final seam in the final block for the HOQH quilt. I'm super thrilled, because I think I started working on them five years ago! Whew!

Block 28 - Ocean Waves

I wish I'd used more contrasting fabrics for block 28 - I'm not as thrilled with it as I could be - it looks okay, and won't be a problem in the big scheme of the quilt, but it could be better :-/

Block 31 - Snowy Owl

Block 42 - Memory

I think this is my favourite of this final group of seven blocks. Maybe it's because purple is my very favourite colour?

I hunted through some of my strip bins to find some pretty purples, and found this selvedge on a couple of pieces. This fabric is clearly from DEEP STASH! I think the Sarah Johnson Collection came out in the late 90's? Maybe 1997 or 1998 - who would have thought I'd be hoarding fabric for more than 20 years??

Block 44 - Shoo Fly

Ugh - this is a group of fabrics that really do not go together well - illustrating perfectly that I don't always get it right when choosing fabrics. This can be my humility block *lol*

Block 45 - Grandmothers Favourite

Block 50 - Capitol T

Block 56 - Union Square

What a blessed relief it was to put this final block together - I'm really excited to start stitching the blocks to the sashing strips and see how this quilt top is going to look!

This is the fabric I'm thinking of using for the sashing strips - they'll be only 1 inch wide I believe, so there will be lots of fussy cutting in my future.

I like it! Now I need to decide on something cute for cornerstones, setting triangles and a final border. I'm sure my mighty stash is hiding the very perfect things.

Though I'm anxious to get hunting for fabric, tonight I'm going to put a few more quilting stitches in Phebe, I really don't want to lose momentum there as it's still a favourite project too.

Well, that's it from me, hope you're all doing well - chatter soon!


Susie Q said...

Such a delight to see all these repro fabrics..... I miss them in the shops and in new quilts. About that deep stash.... I miss the dates on the selvages as well... you are going to have some special finishes ....... great work.

Gretchen Weaver said...

The blocks are beautiful and that sashing fabric is perfect! I've got old fabric in my stash too but that's ok, it will get used someday.

Lisa said...

Actually I like block 44 very much....the more scrappy the better!
You will have a beautiful quilt when it is done.

Carol in Texas said...

Tazzie, I like that low contrast block, probably because I love green! You can keep your purple! But that is what makes life fun.....our individual preferences. I do like your fabric for stripping. I enjoy every one of your blog entries. I am going to that website for French that you kindly gave us. I took three years of French in college but I was never fluent.....and that has been a LONG time ago! Carol in Texas

Laurie M said...

I love your blocks and a great choice for the sashing strips Will be a beautiful quilt!

Janet said...

Can't wait to sew it put together. I love the sashing fabric. I think it is perfect. What is so cool is you still have so much fabric to work with.Thank you for sharing.


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