Thursday, January 17, 2019


Hi there friends :-) Not a huge amount of news, but thought that I'd share ... last week I was working on some secret squirrel stuff, I popped it all in the mail on Monday so it could get to its destination in the USA on time ... and realised that I forgot to take pictures so I could share the results of my labours with you later on. Oops! One of the items was a Christmas block for the Quilt Batts annual exchange, so hopefully one of the sweet ladies over there will share a picture with me, and I can in turn share with you. I really need to better taking picture of happenings here!

I can share that after the 'have to do' work was done, I was able to do some more 'nice to do' work too. Rather than the applique designs used on the Rajah pattern, I was inspired to do something a little 'Pendle Hill' like, from the pattern by Di Ford-Hall:

The little pentagon units are so cute - this picture was taken while I was testing to see if they'd all fit along the border, and also making sure I was happy with the placement of the colours. You can see a couple of the other ones scattered around. One destined for another side of the quilt, and the one just out of shot on the left will be for another project - not this one. Nothing is stitched or glued down at this point, and I still had to remove the papers.

And in this picture the pentagon units have been stitched together, the papers removed and I've glued everything in place. I still have to stitch it all down, but it was getting late last night, and I needed some zzz's. The hot weather we're experiencing is quite draining and I find myself very lethargic. I keep telling myself that this happens every year, and it will pass ... it's perfect weather for staying indoors and stitching!

I'm looking forward to the next borders which are very busily machine pieced - it'll be fun to choose lots of lovely fabrics from my scraps.

Well, that's it from me for now - I'll check back in soon with more progress :-)


Kleine Vingers said...

That looks like a lovely quilt. I like the pentagon flowers.

momto1 said...

Oh, my...this looks like it will be another beauty. The colors are soooo appealing. This is going to be fun to follow!

Kyle said...

Every step adds to the beauty of this quilt. Hope you get a break in the heat soon.

lvkwilt said...

Absolutely beautiful and I love the little pentagons! This is a keepsake beauty for sure!

CTNBEE said...

This blog has a lot of good information, very helpful. I'm very happy that I found your blog. I'm in love with all these fabrics! Beautiful work! Thank you for blogging and sharing!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Fabulous progress! I adore this quilt thus far. I know what you mean about photographing things before they head out the door. Why do we forget so often? No worries, I'm sure the recipients will be delighted with their new treasures. I'm sorry you have been troubled by the intense heat. I wish I could send you some of our snow. We are expecting another foot or so this weekend. I love it, my husband - not so much!

Phyllis said...

Beautiful project again, great update.


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