Saturday, June 30, 2018

One inch closer ...

My quilt top is one finished inch closer to complete with the addition of the latest border:

It was fiddly to apply, just like last time, but per Di Ford-Hall's suggestion, using a little starch made it easier to work with, and I made sure to pin super carefully. Sadly though, stitching time has been a little scarce this week - once I got the border done, the only thing I really had time for was cutting for the next pyramid border.

Now the pieces are all ready for me to spend some hours foundation piecing. It's really just the best way to get all those triangles looking absolutely perfect. There's always a little oops though - I think I cut a bunch more light triangles than I needed - I just kept going until I had none of that lovely French General fabric left, and I think there are at least 50 more than I need! I'm a bit sad to have run out of the light fabric - I've used it in a few quilts and just love the vintage look it has. There's sure to be more around somewhere, and when I find it, I'll be grabbing it with both hands!

In my last post I mentioned that I had a big tennis match ... well, I didn't want to go into too much detail in case I put a moxy on us, but my midweek tennis team and I were playing in the grand final. And I have the happy news that we managed to get a very hard fought and close win. It was 3 sets all, but we managed to get 2 extra games. The best finals are close ones and we were holding our breath until the last set was over. Happiness!

And the last bit of news for today - my lovely friend Keryn put a link in her comment on my last post regarding a possible fix for the comment issue on blogger lately. I tried what was suggested and I'm so happy to report that it has worked, and comments are being emailed to me once again so that I can respond to your notes. Thank you so much Keryn, and to my lovely readers, feel free to comment away! 


Guusje, said...

Wauw it is loking very beautifull. Tomorrow I will post pictures of my
Phebe I did finish the top.

Chris said...

One inch is one inch or is it one inch on each side so that it adds up to 2 inches. I like your suggesting about lots of starch. I will have to remember that. Congratulations on your win. I have never ever played tennis.

Janet said...

Congratulations on the tennis. Phebe is looking great. Not tired of it at all. Can't wait to see the next border made with what you have cut out. You are so very organized. Thank you for sharing your journey.


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