Sunday, June 24, 2018

Are you weary of the borders yet?

Because there's more to come!

Here's where I'm up to as of this evening:

It's a lot of piecing let me tell you! But I think the cutting actually took longer than the piecing did. Luckily for me I have a Marti Michell template that was the perfect size for the little triangles - and that meant they have the little notched corners that make everything line up so nicely. The squares were cut with a regular ruler, but they were a funky size at 1 9/16". I got them all done though, and it'll be easier from this point on.

Here is one of the corners of the quilt top:

If you've made the quilt, or are working on it, or even if you have the book, you'll see that I didn't stick exactly to the instructions - at the ends of each border strip, there is a half square piece, and I chose not to do that. It makes little difference to the look of the quilt, but I just thought it was a neater finish. Next up is another skinny dark border like you see prior to the pieced border, and then another triangle/pyramid border. I have some pieces cut out ready for that one, but there will be a lot more cutting in my future.

Is anyone working on this project? I got a little carried away cutting for the border I just finished and made a whole bunch of pieces I don't need:

If you'd like them, just pop me an email and I'll be happy to send them to you.

A big thank you to the commenters on my last post, I always love to hear from you. And Hello to some 'new to me' visitors, Momto1 and Lisa Dziuban - great to hear from you too! Lisa mentioned that this is a great stash busting quilt, and that's true, it really is. Though I have so many scraps I never seem to see a reduction in them.

This week I have a top to quilt for a sweet friend, and also a big tennis match on Wednesday, but hopefully I'll have time to put the next skinny border on and then get the foundations made up for the triangle border. Chatter soon! xox

Update: Whoops, I almost forgot to mention ... I'm a little dorky and still dabbling with the Pokemon Go app while I'm out and about. They've just introduced friends to the game - is anyone else playing along and interested in being buddies? Pop me an email or a comment if you'd like! xox


Tazzie said...


Chris said...

This is just stunning!! I cannot imagine ever making too many. I am always short a few.

Lin McQ said...

Your work always amazes me and this is no exception. Stunning! Thanks for sharing your progress, it’s so inspiring.

keryn said...

Are you still having problems getting your comments to go to your email? I tried this fix and it works. Why couldn't Blogger tell us this?

lvkwilt said...

I haven't been on your blog for a while so hadn't seen this masterpiece. Holy cow what an accomplishment! That is family keepsake and show quality. Just beautiful!

Tazzie said...

Test message

Phyllis said...

Wonderful work! I do admire you. Your patience, your stamina and your fabric choices, beautiful. Are you having problems with Blogger comments (to email) too? I see some test messages... I and a lot of others have the same. Hope Blogger is working on a solution, read somewhere that it might be change they made. If that is true then it is rather incomprehensible to say the least.
Good luck with the rest of your borders.

Randi Tangen said...

So amazing!

Janet said...

Yea I am able to comment now. Phebe is gorgeous. I already mentioned this but what I really love is that there are so many fabrics that every time you look at the quilt top you find something new to see. It makes it so interesting. Good luck this week at tennis.

momto1 said...

Oh, DO share what Marti Michell template you used, please? This quilt is on my someday list, and I love to collect shortcuts wherever I can.

I love seeing your progress, and I’m amazed at how fast you work! You’re really making me step back and look at what I’m doing with my time.

“They” say that repros are waning in popularity, but I love them more than ever, and your quilts are a delight. I would love to study this one up close. You really have a way with fabric choices.

Guusje, said...

You are so fast with this beautie. Are you doing it by machine? I've just finished my Phebe and work by hand so I'm not so fast as you are.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I for one will never tire of seeing this quilt. Or any of your fabulous creations!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I was going to make that one at one time but never did - great job!


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