Thursday, March 03, 2016

Caswell Block E4

Whew! I finally finished another Caswell block. It has taken me a little longer than the week that I seem to be taking for each block, but I did get busy working on some other things too. Here's the latest block:

Caswell Quilt - Block E4

I had planned to work on the blocks in order, but I needed to get some hand work ready to take out, and I didn't have any bias strips prepared, so I jumped on the next block that didn't need any. I'll get back in order for the next block. This one was fun to put together, and I'm still having fun mixing up all the greens. I found a couple more in my 2.5" strip box when I was putting strips away so they've been added into the mix. A notable fabric is the one with the large feathery leaves on it, I think that's another super oldie - a gift from Linda in 2000!

One of the reasons I didn't get a block put together sooner is I made up some spiderweb mats for the girls in my Saturday tennis team - our season finished on Saturday just gone, so I wanted to give them a little something:

I always love putting the spiderweb mats together, I truly believe I could make them in my sleep now. Both these fabrics were hiding in my stash, I have no idea for how long, and I have no clue where I got them! The cream print is all gone now, and I have a smidge left of the indigo fabric. The lovely ladies in my team really liked them, and now we're looking forward to next summer season. We'll all continue playing mid-week, so I'll be seeing them around :-)

Last of all, thank you to my lovely friend Linda for sharing this picture on Facebook, as you know from my last post I neglected to take a picture of my finished Christmas exchange block, so here is a picture of all the completed blocks:

Aren't they cute? I still don't know what block is coming to me or who made it - it will be a lovely surprise when it gets here in the mail. How lucky I am to be a long distance member of the Quilt Batts.

Alrighty, I need to dash - I have some chores to take care of etc, and they just aren't going to do themselves! Chatter soon xox


Noela said...

Love your spider mats. Can that pattern still be bought? Love your Caswell block also. hugs.....

Sjoukje said...

It's so beautiful! I enjoy your use of fabrics, I thinks it's so bold to combine batiks with all the traditional fabrics. It's exciting!

Mary Ann said...

Your fabric choices continue to amaze me. I am enjoying your Caswell journey, every block is beautiful. Thank you for the free pattern for the Spiderweb mats. Now to purchase a ruler.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh, that is a beauty. And your spiderweb mats are beautiful too.

Tired Teacher said...

Another lovely block. They are going to be stunning when you put them all together.

Kyle said...

You have a great assortment of greens and the blue flowers are awesome. Did you do reverse applique on the flowers? What a delightful gift to your tennis friends. You have been busy!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Wow--your applique block is beautiful--love it! The fabrics you used in the spiderweb mats are so fun together--lots of movement! You have lucky friends!


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