Monday, March 07, 2016

Caswell Block D3

Just a quickie post for this morning - I wanted to share that I finished block D3 a few minutes ago!

Caswell Quilt - Block D3

These blocks are so addictive and I'm just loving stitching on them. Each time I use the glue baste technique, I thank Teresa from Fabric Therapy for sharing it with us, it really has made my stitching life so easy!

Only 10 blocks left for me to stitch now, and then the applique border. I can't wait to start putting this project together! Chatter soon :-)


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Another amazing block. Hope you have the next applique project in mind or you will go through withdrawals when these are done!

Kyle said...

Very prettying!

Karen said...

I look forward to your posts with each new Caswell block.

Teresa Rawson said...

You are just rolling along with the beautiful Caswell won't be long until you are done, done, done! So lovely!


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