Saturday, November 22, 2014

Catching up ...

On Sunday last week I was finally able to visit with my quilt at the Guild Show. Because the DH is away, I had to take Camo with me after he was done with tennis training. To sweeten the deal for him, I promised to take him to Krispy Creme afterward. I probably shouldn't have given him that information before we went to the show ... the whole time we were there I was hearing "Can we go now ... Can we go now ..." *sigh*

I managed to get a few happy snaps, so here's a close up for you:

During the week I had a call from our wonderful FOQ organiser Bron, she had the happy news that my quilt is one of those selected to represent South Australia at AQC in Melbourne in April. Isn't that just the best thing? Really the cherry on my sundae :-)

I've been busy during the week working on a bunch of spider-web place-mats, and I'll share a picture with you in my next post. I probably could have done so today, but this girl of little brains just forgot to take a snap or two.

But I did manage to take a few (a very few) pictures on an outing yesterday! Shay, Amy and I ventured to Costco!! It only opened here in Adelaide on Wednesday for the first time ever, and as soon as the schedule allowed, we were there with bells on! Definitely check in with Shay at some point, as I know she'll write a much more descriptive and humorous post than I'm capable of :-)

You all know my love of Nutcrackers, well, we weren't in the door five minutes and this guy was tossed into the trolley:

He's so much nicer than this guy that we saw later on:

According to the box, he's 1.9m (or 76") tall, and at over $400.00 he was definitely too rich for my budget right now. And if I'm completely honest, I don't think he's as cute as the little 32" guy we purchased :-)

Throughout the whole shopping trip, I was having doubts about whether I should bring the Nutcracker home, I don't know why, but it just seemed so extravagant! Now that he's in place though, I'm just so glad I bought him:

I'll have to take another pic so you can see how they all look together. Now that I've had a grizzle to some of my friends about Nutcrackers being harder to find this year, I'm seeing them in a few more places, but I'll have to restrain myself ... I really need to save some money for my vacation next year.

I skyped with Linda during the week, and I'll be booking my airfares shortly - DH will be booking some annual leave so he can holiday with the little guy while I'm away, it's all looking good!

Next week is my birthday, and for the first time ever my DH is going to be away. I have a couple of celebrations planned with friends and I'll be going out with my family too, so I won't be feeling lonely which is nice :-) I was chatting with the Hubster the other day telling him that I don't want a bunch of presents also because of the upcoming vacation, but he assured me that when he gets back, regardless of my desire for a minimalist birthday he'll choose me some new beads for my Pandora bracelets. He knows how much I love them and how the beads have special meaning for me depending on where they came from and who gifted them to me, isn't he a honey? :-)

And for the very last thing, here's a random picture that's in my phone from the other day, thought I'd share it:

I was trying to work out if I wanted to do any more Christmas decorating in the front rooms, and I've decided I'm going to leave them be for now. I need to tidy away those messy cords, and neaten up the quilt rack. It's amazing how you don't notice those things in real life, but in a picture they stand out like crazy.

Well, that's it from me for today, I'm going to get back on to the spider-web place-mat production line, so I'll check in really soon!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

congratulations on your quilt entry and to represent your area - that is always an honor isn't it.
I love that cabinet with the glass door for your quilts - it looks lovely - I think i need a couple of those!!

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Your quilt is just amazing :) Congratulations! :)

AnnieO said...

Congrats on your well deserved quilt awards! I went to Costco too this week but didn't notice any Nutcrackers:). We were stocking up on folding chairs and Thanksgiving Day food. And somehow we ended up with a car seat for our grandson. Your decorating looks nice!

Carmen y Prady said...

Felicidades, seguro que sera una maravillosa experiencia.
Un beso

Nancy said...

The Nutcracker definitely was a good purchase as he looks comfy in his new home.

Polyquats said...

Your quilt is going to ACQ? Hooray! That means I'll get to see it.

Lorraine said...

Congrats on the prize winning quilt...hoping to get to AQC next year as well! I think the smaller. Nutcracker is quite enough nutcracker to have standing around....the bigger one would freak me out every time I walked past I think! I love that you and Shay manage to find new methods of torture....I avoid shops as much as possible...a weekly trip to the supermarket for food supplies is about it for me! Have a happy birthday...and sounds like it will be an extended celebration...absolutely nothing wrong with that at all! Enjoy!

Mary Marcotte said...

Congratulations on your prize! The quilt is beautiful. I love Nutcrackers but apparently not the way you do. This new guy is interesting and very colorful. I'm sure you'll enjoy him for years. Happy Birthday!

Katie said...

LOL Love your “American” experience. I’ve been shopping at Costco and it’s ilk for more years than I care to count!

Krispy Kreme struck me as funny too. Here in North Carolina is where Krispy Kreme started! They don’t excite me though. I’m still a northerner at heart. Can you say Dunkin’ Donuts? :-D

Maryjo said...

Congratulations on your quilt honors! Your quilt is the ribbons are well deserved! I always love to read your blog and see your pictures! Thank you for sharing with us.

Shay said...

Had an amazing time with you on Friday Taz. Definitely have to pencil in a return trip.


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