Saturday, February 25, 2012

TFW - Block 27

It's so hot today (39c or 102f) - a perfect day to stay inside and sew. I did just that, and completed the next Farmers Wife block.

Block 27 - Darting Birds

Once again I used my 1" thangles - they really make small HST's easy. And even though the block in the book is made up of only two fabrics, I've been trying wherever I can to use all four. I did some calculations - now that I've made 27 blocks - once I'm 3/4 the way through piecing the next block, I will have sewn one quarter of the total number of blocks! Yay!

While I've been sewing, DH has been busy servicing my new minty featherweight - we've no idea how long it has been since her last grease and lube, so I didn't want to put her thru her paces until I was perfectly sure she'd be fine. Marty is a qualified Electrician and Technician, so I trust him to work on all my machines entirely. I've been lazy getting a transformer though, so I'll still have to be a little patient before I can start sewing with her :-)

And some advance notice - I'm going to be selling one of my black featherweights - so if you're in the market for one (and in Australia) you may want to let me know. This is the one I'm selling (it's not a great picture - I'll get more when I'm ready to list it):

This machine is in wonderful condition and comes with a box, manual and an assortment of accessories. It has lovely gold work, and if memory serves me correctly, it's from 1949 (and it's 220-240v). First of all though, Marty is going to go over it completely and make sure it's electrically sound and ready to sew. While I made sure it ran when I purchased it, I have never actually sewn with it. So, if you're in the market, give me a little time, and it could be yours!

Chatter soon! xox


Sheila said...

LOve this block with the four fabrics, the birds really stand out. I stayed in and sewed today too, did the 100th Farmers wife.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

The quilt is so lovely!
Yours, Ulla (from Finland)

Pip said...

Pretty block, seems we are all spending the hot days indoors working on our FW blocks

Anonymous said...

Tazzie..a fw specialist told me that it's good to blow over the internal parts with a blow dryer for hair and that softens up what grease might be inside that might be old.


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