Friday, February 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces :-)

Today I indulged in just a little stitching. It has been a while since I worked on any Farmers Wife blocks, so I thought it would be fun to put the next one together:

Block 26 - Cut Glass Dish

The Quilters Guild of South Australia asked me to demonstrate machine pieced FWS blocks at the meeting in March (which is Thurs next week) so I thought I'd better re-acquaint myself with the project. Why have I stayed away so long?? This block was really fun to make - and I used the 1" thangles that I picked up while I was in the USA.

And speaking of the USA: I can't believe how few pictures I took while I was away this time. But I'll share some of what I have anyway.

Do you remember seeing on Bonnie's blog about her visit to M and L Fabrics in Anaheim? Well, the four of us that had travelled to Road to CA together had ALL read about her visit, and made it our business to stop by too ... I mean, we were in the area right? M and L Fabrics is FILLED with bolts and flat folds:

I probably didn't spend as much as I could have, but I still managed to get a stack of fabric together! It was definitely worth checking out. Thank you for the heads-up Bonnie!

And because we were close by, I really wanted to visit Disney again - after all, it's the happiest place on earth! On the Sunday we spent the day at California Adventure, and while we were waiting to watch World of Colour, I got this pic of Mickey's Ferris Wheel. I just love the colours.

The World of Colour show was mesmerising, I enjoyed it so much. 

And on Monday we visited Disneyland - I just love that place more than I can even describe! It was a wet morning, which we didn't really mind at all. And because of the weather, the park was really quiet.

It fined up in the afternoon though, and we just had the best day - we were able to get on all the rides with virtually no wait. I have never before been able to do some much in one day at Disney. My kids would have loved it!

After our adventure, we went back to Linda's beach house for her quilt group retreat. I shared pictures of that while we were there. In between all this, we shopped and shopped, and shopped some more!


And here is my pile of bags once I was all packed and ready to come home. I can't believe I managed to buy so much! Three suitcases, a rolling carry on crammed full, and I can't even imagine how much my handbag weighed. But it all made it home relatively unscathed, and I still haven't found spaces in my sewing room for everything.

Well, I've rambled on and on ... I hope to get some more stitching done this weekend, so I'll keep you posted! xox


Adele said...

I have started on my venture with the Farmers Wife and up to block 10 but have taken a little break as the weather has become cooler to do some applique.

Love your blocks


Sarah said...

Tazzie - I really like that cut glass block. I think I'm going to play with it in EQ to see if I can come up with a quilt out of that block. Might only be a doll quilt but it's still a quilt LOL


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