Monday, January 02, 2012

A new year :-)

Can you believe it's 2012 already? I really can't ... 2011 flashed by so quickly, and it really made a mark. Too many of my family and friends are really glad to see the end of it. I'm wishing for wonderful things in 2012 for sure :-)

So, what has been happening here recently?

Well ... in the days after Christmas, there was seismic activity in my dining room ... resulting in the demise of the gingerbread house ... and it was delicious!

I'm really keen to make a gingerbread chapel next year - I pinned one on Pinterest and may have a practice during the year. I know the family won't be sad to eat it :-)

I have also been working on some 'secret squirrel' projects:

I see miles of hand stitched bindings in my future. I love to listen to the TV while I'm working at bindings ...

And I've been working on a whole pile of strip piecing too ...

I hope to finish the piecing on these tonight ... it's on the list!

Speaking of lists, so that I don't fritter my days away (and it's very easy to do on holidays), I've decided to prepare a list of things to achieve in the day. This was today's list:

Red Binding
Laundry x 4 loads
Bathroom/Kitchen Trash
Run Dishwasker
Empty Blue Fabric Container
Take Up Jeans
Finish "Secret Squirrel" Tops

Not too hard to accomplish for today - and I'm almost done. Emptying the 'blue container' is a HUGE accomplishment. It is the scrap fabric that has been languishing in the corner of the sewing room for YEARS. I donated a whole lot of it recently, I've sorted it today and put away the useful fabric, and tossed the rest. What a huge relief!

Anyways, I better run and finish my last few things - if I get to it I'll post again tomorrow. Chatter soon friends :-)


Anonymous said...

Isn't there something about starting the new year with cleaned and tidy? I've gone through my various "scrap bins" (mostly bags of fabric that others have donated to me cause they don't do "bits")that have been languishing forever and got them sorted, by colour, into containers for easier access. I love Bonnie Hunter's scrap ideas but I just couldn't spend the time and effort cutting everything into strips and squares this time. I figure by having them all in colour sorted containers, I'll go to them first and then go to the strips and squares and add to them. That's the theory anyway. I'll have to check back at the beginning of 2013 and see how I've done! Have a great new year. I'm waiting to see the squirrel surprises!!
Lurking Linda

Pip said...

A gingerbread house is something that I want to make this year, although with only the two of us I think it will be a small house.
I've found it too hot to do much sewing (or anything really), just a bit of hand piecing to keep me ticking along.


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