Friday, October 21, 2011

Table Runner

Would you like to see one of the things I did at work today? Yes? Well, here you go:

Isn't it cute? A table runner made with a pretty border fabric, and Marti Michell's Kaleidorule. How I love that ruler!

We have a bolt of that pretty border print left over from a kit, and to help customers see what they can make from it, I thought this runner would be just the ticket. Last time I made a Christmas runner like this, the fabric sold out so very fast! I'm just about to quilt it and apply the binding, and I can take it into work on Tuesday. How fun!


Unknown said...

Friends of mine have made tons of those table runners. They really do make up quick and are very nice gifts! Love yours!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling like one of those is on my horizon for Salisbury Stitchers' Kris Kringle in November. Loved catching up for coffee today. Hope Miss A is feeling better after a good umpiring session - glad I wasn't a player - I bet she was tough on them tonight!!!

loulee said...

Love it Tazzie.


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