Friday, October 14, 2011

Fabric Shopping for the Dazed and Confused ...

Finally I opened up the baggies in the box of fabric that was delivered just over two weeks ago. And I have to confess something ... when the box arrived - I was stupefied by the size of it!

And here's the story ...

Most often when I shop online, I head on over to Hancocks of Paducah and click away. On their site, they sell things by the half yard ... (and the astute among you will have figured out where I went wrong already ...) But this time I was shopping at the Fat Quarter Shop ... and they're NOT half yard kinda folk :-)

They're more like 'We sell by the yard' - and hey presto, I have eight yards of the lovely red reproduction there ... and four yards of the background fabric ... Duh!

At some point I must have had a moment of clarity, because I have much more reasonable amounts of these fabrics ... one, one and two yards. Yay!

And these fabrics (Hooty Hoot and the Kangaroo) I seem to have a lot of also ... but I'm sure I can use it. Camo fell in love with it, and how can a Mum say no? Well, this fabric addicted Mum anyway?

So, the moral of my story is this: Do look over your purchases carefully when you're at checkout, because when fabrics are on sale it's REALLY easy to get waaaay too much of them!

And in completely unrelated news:

A couple of girlfriends and I recently went to see the movie Horrible Bosses (which was really quite funny). BUT - before the movie, the preview to What's Your Number was played ... and I happened to spy that the girl in the movie had a white Singer Featherweight in a sewing nook by the window! How's that for spotting? I think I'll have to go see it just for that :-)

Updated: And a big thank you to Amy - my tech savvy girl - she helped me with the whole 'print screen - where did the picture go' thing, so I could share it with you:

Chatter soon friends :-)


LynCC said...

haha! "Dazed and Confused" That's me :D

quiltygal said...

A "mistaken purchase" yeesss !! I'll believe you (wink wink ) thousands wouldn't *cough cough*

cq4fun said...

Love the fabrics you chose! And what a great I-Spy on that FW in the movie.

Elaine Adair said...

What a happy accident - are you sure that's the REAL truth! LOL

Sharp eyes on the movie peek!

Again, your Insane quilt is stunning - I've already said it but ... it IS incredible and should be in the "family heirloom" category.


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