Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Item 3, check!

I'm almost finished item 3 for the Xmas in July workshop. The binding is around half stitched down on the reverse. Woohoo! I'll finish it up at the store tomorrow.

This project could have used much prettier quilting like the 'Noel' hanging, but at this point I'm happy just to be getting them finished. The thing that really stumped me with this one was the applique, and when I get stuck on a project, often I don't seem to love it as much as I previously did.

It's my hope that by this time next week I'll have the other two items completed (they're much smaller) and the requirements list well on the way to being finished. I have a feeling I'm not going to want to work on anything Christmas-y for quite a while now ... bah humbug!

It's bed-time for me now ... I really need to get a night in before almost midnight just once this week ... there's still time! x o x


Karol-Ann said...

Well done! I agree it's hard to like and often finish something you fall 'out of love' with. I think because it's all so X-massy at this time of year it must be even harder!!! But you are doing well and as soon as they are all done you can do something else :-)

Jasmine said...

It looks fabulous!!!! Lovely swirly patterns - it is like the floor after you open all your pressies!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching your Christmas in July items, and just got out my Christmas prints to fondle. I have a couple of other projects to finish, but I can see some Christmas in July in my future.


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