Thursday, April 23, 2020

And yet more ...

As of today, I think I only have 14 more blocks to make in this HOQH project, how exciting! Here are my latest ones:

Block 52 - Jacob's Ladder

Block 7 - Mrs Bryan's Choice

The blocks are getting fiddlier as I go along, even though block 7 doesn't really look so bad. The next one I'm making has about a billion 1" half square triangles, so that will keep me busy.

After my last post I had a couple of sweet comments from Quilt Granma and Carol in Texas asking me how I choose my fabrics, and whether any are by William Morris. First of all, I appreciate you stopping by! I wish I had some kind of magical wisdom I could share about choosing fabrics - I get it wrong just as often as I get it right. But what I tend to do is choose ones that I like - most of the projects I work on are reproduction style quilts, so I mainly use reproduction style fabrics - I don't stick to any one particular designer, I'm happy to mix and match them all in together. There aren't any William Morris fabrics in the blocks in this quilt, but believe me I have a huge number of those looking for their own project :-)

Thank you so much for asking!

And last of all - this is a fun project I put together for Amy this week. She found this chook fabric while we were looking for elastic at Spotlight - she's mad for chickens and wondered if I could do something with it for her. Well of course! I don't think I made it in a traditional way - the top part is just like a regular quilt, I made a back with a zipper and then basted it together around the edge, and then I bound it just like a regular quilt. It may not be the usual construction method, but it still looks really cute. I may have more cushions in my future!

Well, that's it from me for now - let's see how many more blocks I can get made over this long weekend? xox


Janet said...

It's unbelievable that all these blocks are 6" I cannot imagine how hard they are to press. You think smaller, easier NO way. They are all gorgeous and yes, you fabric choices are fantastic. I love the chicken pillow you just gave me an idea for someone that is raising chickens.
Thank you for the wonderful post, they are so welcome in these times.

Tarja K/Ruusu-unelmia ja villasukkia said...

Hello! I found your blog and I joined your blog as a reader. Your blog is so interesting. Greetings from Finland!

Carol in Texas said...

Thanks Tazzie. I can see that reproduction fabrics work so beautifully in your quilts.....particularly with those tiny pieces! I will look forward to your next blog. Yours has become one of my very favorites. I love that pillow! Carol in Texas


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