Saturday, May 09, 2015

Random bits and pieces ...

First up, I would like to wish all the wonderful Mothers out there a very happy Mothers Day for tomorrow, I'm very much looking forward to spending the day with my little people, my Mum and my Nanna, it's going to be a great day. I hope you all get to spend some time with, or be in touch with those that you love! <3 p="">
Since I was away, after seeing so many wonderful quilts and fabulous fabric eye candy, the only thing I've been interested in doing was attacking my stash and getting some piecing done. But before I start something new, I really MUST finish something else, so I've been working hard at the appliqué on my Montmellick top:

The finish line is now drawing so near that I can almost taste it. There are only the corner blocks to complete appliquéing, and then the final border to add. This project will be hand quilted, so it's not really a finish soon, but the top is in the last stages of completion, and that makes me happy!

And while I've been stitching away, I've had company. It seems like Gracie will call any surface a comfy bed:

I wonder what she was looking at? Because she was deliberately not looking at the person behind the camera! This is the trolley I purchased recently, but had deliberated over for a while - can I tell you that I'm just thrilled that I bought it! It has been so very handy, and great for keeping bits and pieces tidy and ready to put away at a moments notice. Thrilled!!

And while stitching last night, I noticed something I hadn't seen in quite a while ... a quilt sighting on the TV:

I do wish TV pictures didn't come out so blurry - but I'm glad I managed to get it somewhat. This sighting was on the movie 'The Birdcage' - an oldie but a goodie. Do you remember it? It stars Robin Williams and Nathan Lane - and this is the father of of the bride (Gene Hackman) fleeing thru a window. I hadn't seen the movie in a long time, and certainly never noticed the quilt in this scene before. It looks like a variable star set on point. A lovely two colour vintage looking quilt.

In other news - my week has been busy getting back up to speed with kid stuff, sport, work and guild - and I'm just now starting to feel like my fabulous holiday was an amazing daydream. I still have much to share, and I'll just show a couple of bits and pieces from the five days I spent visiting with my wonderful friend Linda at her home in San Jose.

Linda was such a great friend to take me out and about to lots of shops I wanted to visit - I always like to get to the Walmarts to pick up cosmetic/toiletry items that I just cant get here - visits to Costco, Kohls, Nordstrom Rack and Macys were on the cards too. We visited the outlets in Gilroy - I spent a lot of time at the Coach, Levi, Gap, New Balance and Forever 21 stores. Heavens, I think I accrued half my luggage allowance in this first week!

Here are the shoes that came home with me ... only six pairs!

Since I've been home, I've been going thru my shoe collection, and I've already sorted some for the trash/donation. It's a tough job, but I really must do it.

I spent moments at home in the sunshine while Linda was working - I always love to be on squirrel patrol in the yard.

I realise that squirrels are really kind of a pest in the USA and other places, but we just don't have them here in Oz. Personally, I think they're kind of adorable - but I've never been up too close and personal with one - I may have a different perspective then :-)

On Tuesday evening I was able to visit with Linda's quilt group, and I could hand out the spiderweb placemats I had made for them all. I do love to make gifts for people, and I was so thrilled when Gerri and Nancy presented me with a table runner they had made for me:

Isn't it just lovely? The fabrics are just gorgeous, and it's pieced and quilted so nicely - thank you so much Gerri and Nancy! xox

We were able to visit some more with Gerri at the quilt store she works at later in the week, and that is when I posted the picture of the tumblers up on the design wall from a few posts ago.

Santana Row was also on the list of places we visited during the week: a delightful high end shopping mall:

We both laid a few dollars down in Crate and Barrel, had the most amazing coffees and pastries at the Left Bank Brasserie ... and I tried on the  most gorgeous shoes in Kate Spade ... which were sadly not in my budget on the day ... but I have pinned them to drool over in the future :-)

Linda and I did so many other fun things together that week - we went and saw Cinderella at the movies, had pedicures, lunched out at every opportunity, and just generally hung out together. The things girlfriends do all the time - but all the more special because we don't get to see each other that often.

Then on Saturday, we set of for our adventure in Memphis ... and I'll fill you in on that next time!! Chatter soon! xox


Tired Teacher said...

Your shopping adventures sound like a lot of fun! I love the shoes you purchases and the fabulous table runner you were given.

Happy Mother's Day

Missy Shay said...

Gracie is beautiful

sewyouquilt2 said...

that Gracie is so silly. what a cute girl. she just wants to sew thats all. LOL
your shopping adventures sound fun.


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