Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Slow sewing ...

Wow, a week can disappear in the blink of an eye can't it? It's just amazing how fast time flies. Camo started back at school yesterday for the year, so by the end of the week I feel sure I'll be back into my normal routine again.

I don't have a lot to show for my past week and a bit, but I can show you a little progress from my last post:

The little thought bubbles have turned into a refreshed table runner - using some of my favourite French General fabrics. I'm slowly putting together some hexies for the feature squares - those hexies you see are neither sewn together or sewn in place, so don't feel sad for me and my apparent lack of sewing skills :-) The flower fabric in the middle of the hexies is from the mitre off-cuts from my Montmellick quilt top - how fun to put some scraps to use! I'm looking forward to finishing this little project up really soon.

Yesterday some of my sweet friends and I did a workshop - we were learning to make a tailored shirt. Oh my goodness, it was challenging as we were taught to adapt the pattern to suit our own particular measurements, but I think the hardest part is over now and in the next lesson we'll see how everyone else is coming along - and learn the final assembly.

I don't have an in progress picture for you yet, but here's a piccy of the fabric I purchased for my shirt:

It's a Japanese woodblock Indigo fabric, and the sweet ladies at Hetties helped me choose it. Honestly if it weren't for their amazing help, I think I would still be there deciding what on earth I wanted. Sometimes it's hard to make a decision when faced with so many choices. Don't worry about all the white 'fabric' underneath - that's my interfacing for drawing up the pattern and stabiliser for the cuffs/collar etc.

Last of all, I know you've all heard me lament the state of my stash - the size of my stash more specifically. So I've decided to be pro-active and do something about it. I'm slowly adding yardage that has come into my life that I can't use into my Etsy Store. Check in there periodically, you may find just the piece you're looking for.

Alrighty, it's back to the chores here today, there's lots to catch up on, so I'll chatter soon!


Nancy said...

The indigo print is wonderful and will make an attractive shirt.

I haven't made a garment in years. I suppose I still could, but I don't think I want to tempt fate.

Shay said...

You're going to rock that shirt Tazz because there isnt anything you cant do. Love that fabric.

pandchintz said...

Gorgeous shirt fabric! Love the French General quilt too.


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