Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 Minute Zippered Pouch

I have to ask, are you addicted to Pinterest? I definitely am, it's like crack for Quilters. Or Crafters ... or Cooks ... or whatever you're into, you'll find inspiration on Pinterest ... seriously! If you'd like to see what I've been pinning, follow the lead of the Pinterest button on my sidebar.

While browsing around amongst the Pinterest pictures, I found a darling pouch tutorial, and decided that I'd have to make one sometime. Only thing is, I didn't really know where I'd find some woollen felt - the stuff has never been on my radar before, so I never had my eyes open for it.

Fast forward to today, I teach at Hettie's Patch on Thursdays, and while browsing their wares after class, BAM!, I spy a whole box of woollen felt in the most darling colours. And then a selection of delightful trims ... and then some zippers ... and guess what has come home with me today? All I needed to make a zippered pouch. Want to make one too? Be sure to check out the link above, and here's what I did ...

Lorraine from Hettie's Patch loaned me some decorative edge scissors, so I scalloped the edge that abuts the zipper - because we're working with felt, no need for any fancy seams :-)

 The scissors were great, and I can see I'll be investing in some for the future!

This darling trim looked so nice with the felt - I just had to have some. Use the ruler as a guide to affix the trim in place with the glue pen before sewing.

The zipper foot seemed to be best for stitching the trim in place - and with the handy dandy glue, it didn't budge an inch!

Hmmm ... a couple more pictures wouldn't have gone astray here, but do refer to the tutorial at the blog linked above for help. I sewed the zipper in (gluing it in place first) still using the zipper foot, and then turned the project inside out. Ohhh, do remember to open the zipper up first.

Flatten the project in half ready to sew the side seams - you can have the zipper near the top, bottom  or centered - whatever you like. Sew the side seams, open to the right side, and you're done! Ohhh, and if you forgot to open up the zipper, you'll have the devil of a time turning the project back to the right side ... thankfully I didn't forget that step!

And here is the finished article - I thought it was very cute! This pouch is quite large as I used the whole piece of felt, but you could make them absolutely any size you like.

Two great things for this little project: First, it took me less than 30 minutes to put it together - I started after I got home from work, and I was done before it was time to pick Camo up from school. Second, all the supplies I needed came to less than $7.50. Bargain!

I DO love working on Mrs Billings, but I was just dying to work on something a little different for a change, so now I feel like I've been able to do something else ... and I can happily get back into quilting tonight. I also have a little eye candy to share from class this morning, so I'll share that in the next day or so. Chatter soon!


ruthsplace said...

It's really cute. Thanks for the tip to use glue to hold the zipper, I'd never have thought of that.

I *try* to keep my pins at a reasonable number so that I will actually attempt the things I pin rather than just get overwhelmed by the sheer volume...

Noela said...

Just joined pinterest and not sure what I'm doing as yet. Love your pouch, will have to put that on my to do list. Hugs.....

My name is Riet said...

That is a lovely pouch and so easy with the zipper. I love it.

cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

Totally addicted to Pinterest, so are my family. The girls in the family have been having a craft day once a month all due to pinterest.

Shay said...

Snap..Im halfway through writing a post about my Pinterest addiction.

Love your little pouch...If I do the rest will you put the zip in for me?

Sometimes you just need something fast and easy . Those sort of projects are so satisfying.

Sheila said...

I love Pinterest, has saved me clogging up my hard drive with all the tips and tute's i used to download,


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