Thursday, February 28, 2013

Definite improvement :-)

This busy little bee worked and worked, and cleared away all the crappage off the cutting table. And I'm pleased to advise that things are definitely looking up.

What still needs work is the pile of paperwork behind the laptop. I've given myself permission to slack off with that until Mrs Billings is in being basted. The basket on the left is my notions - they definitely need a clean out. And the basket on the right is my scraps from recent projects. I'd love to spend some time working them into my scrap boxes, but they're pretty much full too - given my complete lack of dedication to working with the scraps. It's like a stand off situation. Who will break first?? Probably the bottom out of the basket. I'm taking bets ...


Patti said...

Looking good! I hear you about the scraps. I gave away all my old ones when I started knitting. Now I already have a bunch of new ones. That catch is this - the drawers I once used to organize my scraps are now full of yarn!!!

I have my small boxes in the attic - I think I'll start working them into squares and half-square triangles at least. I want to start collecting strips again, but I'm not sure what I'll do with them. I do know I need to actually use them this time instead of just collecting them.

Shay said...

Im being over run with scraps too at the's like they breed where ever I leave them!

Lovely clean space Tazz...are you also taking bets on how long you can keep it clean?

thea said...

love the before and after shots -- so very impressive!


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