Monday, June 20, 2011

More Masons Vista

And so my Masons Vista collection continues to grow ...

I just love the shape of the jug on the left - it's a recent addition.

In other news - Happy Birthday to my dear little man Camo. I just can't believe he's 9 years old today. Time certainly flies! xox


Clare said...

Lovely china.

Happy birthday to Camo.

Vickie said...

setting is looking lovely..hmm now I saw something similar in the local oppe shoppe..I must go have another what is written on the bottom?cheers Vickie

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, pretty china.

Happy Birthday, Camo!

AnnieO said...

Very pretty!

Happy birthday to your little man--9 years old, wow.

sue said...

How fun to see your Mason's Vista. I am the proud owner of a tea pot, water pitcher - like yours on the middle shelf and a large round plate. When I was growing up we ate dinner off these plates every night. Sadly, they kinda got chipped and broken. I have mine on display as well. I also have several berry bowls. I just love the red color.
sue in wisconsin, usa

quiltygal said...

Love the china ..but it's a fine line between collecting & obsession :) Happy B'day Cam

How weird my word verification is the name of my bread !!


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