Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Civil War Quilt blocks ...

Yay! Slowly slowly I'm catching up on these wonderful Civil War Quilt blocks. But I still haven't finished Block 3. Yes, it's THAT block. I'll get to it - honest!

Anyway ... here's Block 10 - Lincoln's Platform. Making up a 3 grid block in an 8 inch size requires some tricky cutting ... you know, working with 16ths of an inch and stuff, but this one has come out the right size. Happy days!

And here's Block 15 - Fort Sumter. I made myself choose some of my darker fabrics for this one, and it's kind of cute.

I'll be interested to see how all these blocks look together in the end. The trick will be picking the perfect sashing strips and cornerstones I'm thinking.

And further to my last post, I've tallied the comments, used a random number generator, and the commenter to receive my 'reject block' is Subee Sews. If you'd like to email me privately with your address details, I'll send a squishy your way.

I'm heading into the sewing room now - I hope to get an hour of stitching time in before I head to bed. TTYL :-)


bingo~bonnie said...

ooough using the darker fabric really did the trick in your Fr. Sumter! not to mention those awesome stripes to draw the eye inward!

Love your project! Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

quiltygal said...

Hey I have got my computer fixed so at last can open up your page !! now to read back through all the posts I missed going to send you an email soon as I have a favour to ask you :)....
Love the Civil war blocks think there has to be one in my future...


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