Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Stitching

Isn't this always such a busy time of year? Before I can seriously think of Christmas, there is first my birthday and then Amy's birthday to deal with. And deal with in a lovely way of course. Miss Amy turned sweet sixteen yesterday - she is such a treasure. How ever did those years fly by so quickly? Before I know it, it will be Cameron's turn!

I have still managed to get in a little sewing for gifts - but I really must get busy, as there isn't much time to go now.

First up are some spiderweb placemats for a dear sweet customer at the store. She gave me the most beautiful crinoline lady stitcheries earlier this year, and I really wanted to give her a treat in return. Just need to stitch on the binding, and they're good to go :-)

Cameron's family day care lady is like part of our family, so I wanted to make her a little treat too. This is the candle mat I made up for her. I've had this Thimbleberries fabric for such a long time as it is a feature in one of my patterns. I estimate I've had 150 yards of it pass through my hands over the years.

And here is the lantern with a pine tree candle, all packaged up with the mat ready to go. I may make a couple more if I have the chance ... still so much to do, but the days are ticking away ...


Angie said...

Lovely, Tazzie, they are all lovely gifts!

Anonymous said...

Those are great gifts Tazzie. I know the recipients are going to cherish them. Love the placemats especially and the center panel with the Xmas stocking.

Gail :)

Leeanne said...

Oh love the placemats!

Donnamo said...

What lovely, lovely, thoughtful gifts. You must be a lovely person to have made them for others.

Belinda said...

Lovely Christmas gifts. I'm inspired!!

Anonymous said...

Love your giffts, but the placemats are perfect. Can you tell us what pattern they are? Or did you design these?


MARCIE said...

Merry Christmas Tazzie!

Heidi said...

Hi Tazzie,
I live in Northern California and last Saturday I went to a quilt shop in Sacramento called Quilter's Corner. We were talking about the Nearly Insane quilt and one of the ladies who works in the shop said she had a friend from Australia who was working on NI. We put two and two together and figured out she was talking about you. I read your blog so there you go! Blogs make the world a smaller place! I don't recall her name. Anyway, I enjoy your blog. I finished Dear Jane this year and am going to start on NI next year. Happy holidays to you.



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