Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Days

This past week I finally started work on a quilt project for Amy, she has wanted this one for quite a while, and I was hoping it'd be the project to get me interested again.

It's called 'Happy Days' by Mum's Moment. For some reason I can't find their website today, but I've included a different link so you can see the finished item. Lots of ladies I know have made this quilt, and I've quilted a few of them too :-)

Amy requested that it's only made in purple and green to suit her room, and I'm happy to accommodate her. I just hope I have enough purple fabric, as a great deal of it has been used up in the scrap project I'm currently working on. The applique work has come to a halt just for the moment though - I've run out of fusible web, and the last three days at work I forgot to purchase some. Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow!

And though I haven't been sewing much, it doesn't seem to have dampened my enthusiasm for fabric shopping. In the picture is a little something that arrived last week. I've admired the Short Line pattern since seeing it on Nicole's Sisters Choice blog, and finally decided to just go ahead and get it. I can see it will be a great use for a couple of my jelly rolls and for scraps too.

Well, that's it from me, thank you all for your comments and emails - I have been incredibly lazy lately and not spend much time replying, which is very naughty. I hope to get on that soon! xox

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