Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Where to begin!

I've had such adventures over the past month, it's hard to know where to begin, and how to narrow it all down to blog posts. I had the very best time in the USA, and among the most important things to me were spending time with wonderful friends. I put some faces to the names of bloggers, did a whole lot of shopping, and almost wore my feet to stubs at the quilt show in Paducah. Good times :-)

Even though it was at the end of my holiday, I'll start with Paducah, and the day leading up to it. The six of us left California on Monday April 19, and travelled to Nashville where we picked up our rental car. Instead of driving directly to Paducah, we headed to Bowling Green KY where we stayed overnight before heading to Whittles in Smiths Grove KY.

At Whittles I undertook some serious stash enhancement, as evidenced by my ever growing pile in the above picture. I had a good deal of my items shipped home. It was a wise move, as I was probably on the verge of being over my luggage allowance, having spent a week and a half in the US already. The girls from Whittles were just darling, and I'll definitely be patronising their store in the future.

After we'd all laid down a considerable chunk of money, we all piled back into the rental and headed toward Paducah. But before we arrived, we made a detour to Backyard Fabrics (sorry, couldn't locate a website). An adorable little shop situated on a farm in Mayfield KY. So much more stash enhancement followed ... and when Kate and I had our fill, we took a swing on the front porch and enjoyed the surroundings. Just blissful.

I love this picture of Gerri, Linda, Donna and Karen. I don't think they even knew I took it, and they'll probably be less than thrilled to see it here for the first time! :-)

Next it was on to Paducah, where we settled into the Marriott Courtyard. We could see across Hinkleville Road to the famous Hancocks of Paducah. Eye candy indeed.

I'll leave it here for now ... and fill you in some more next time :-)


Clare said...

That is serious stash enhancement!

Jan H said...

Whittles! I love it. I live in Chicago now but lived within 15 miles before...and visit there religiously every time I'm in KY. What a great story of service and glad you got there. I know they are so excited everytime they ship something to Australia (and other world wide spots!)

Rebecca said...

Next time you go can I carry your bag. Off tolook at the sights.
Hugs Bec

Jenni said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I buy from Whittles - they are always efficient when posting. Fancy being able to actually be in the store. I'd need more than a few suitcases!

Gale, Ky quilter said...

Hi Tazzie! I wish I had known you were going to be at Whittle's. I live in Kentucky and have never been to Paducah - isn't that awful? However, I live about an hour away from Whittle's. Don't you just love them? And the prices? Wonderful. I don't have a blog but I am an avid quilter and fabric collector and have read your blog forever and just LOVE the work you do. Take care.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Mmmm baby! I love that of red fabric!

Barbara said...

Seriously envious!

SubeeSews said...

Lady! You buy fabric the way I do. Get it all now because you may not see it again. And the fabric brings you memories of Paducah and shines on it' sown beauty too.


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